I'm proud...

completed my longest run EVER of 15 miles on Saturday, in the run up to NY. Running like the lunatic that i am all around London - The best part was my "tiolet break" it coincided with being on Park Lane so I popped into the Dorchester hotel, sweating like a trooper and looking vile. Think they were way too scared of my appearance to tell me the hotel facilities were for "guests only"!


  • Nothing but the best for members of the URWFRC!!!!
  • Sorry, but using the Dorchester lav will in no way prepare you for a marathon. Next time, find an overflowing portaloo with no bog paper.

    Congratulations on your run!
  • Laura,

    Isn't that supposed to finish'....preferably with two gendarmes looking on.'????

  • Thats what I like - a runner with class.
    Congrats on the 15 miler.
  • Laura - laughing..and how right you are! But served it's purpose in that the whole situation made me laugh so much that the miles home flew by!
    Welcome back Ratbag!
  • Beats my usual nip into the woods and behind a tree.

    BTW - does anyone know how to keep their bog roll dry on a long run? Mine always ends up a soggy mess (still better than wiping your rear on a handful of leaves).
  • Martin. Sandwich bags

    NR - Conratulations on the mileage. I did 11 last night and felt terrible. So whats wrong with Portaloos anyway?
  • NR, well done, a bit out of my league. I did my longest run ever Saturday (around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens) of 8.6 miles (two laps) and after just being diagnosed as having asthma, but I took my medication before and after, which definitely helped! I feel much more confident about the GSR (10 miles) this Sunday now! I'm with you with the toilet break at the Dorchester, that's class.
  • Well done NR and good luck for NYC! I'm training for New York too. Managed 16 miles on Sunday round the mean streets of Camberwell. Got a 'Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work...' heckle in Brockwell Park, which as far as heckles go I really didn't mind!
  • well done nr - the bristol half will seem a breeze! can I recommend the Marriot at the end of the first lap, its only just off the course, and by far the classiest toilets you'll find en route.
  • Or the Watershed? Stop off for a beer while you're there!
  • does that seems like a good after run watering hole?
  • Sorry NR, stealing your thread a bit there!
  • Ref the question about keeping the loo paper dry until needed - i use one of those little bags from the Bank for small change. They are FREEEEEE!!!
    (and such a convenient size)
  • I was thinking that Buckingham Palace is open for visitors right now...who know which great establishment I will grace with my presence next weekend!
  • LOL - if you're in the area - you could try the top floor of the London Hilton - fantastic views!
  • I've never heard it called 'presence' before. :-)
  • Ran my first ever marathon on Sunday, Cardiff. Bit gutted at missing the 5hr mark, but half way in 2hr 35 and not really a negative split marathon runner yet!
    Considering I was a 17stone ex rugby boy who had never run more than 3 miles in my life, it proves it can be done.
    Not only that Ive really caught the bug.
    Bit sore today but feel better after 26 miles than after some of my 15 mile training runs, though hardest of all was my first 4 miler.... it nearly killed me and was only 3.5 months ago!!
    Its well worth the effort! Ive run a marathon !!!
  • Guy I ran with managed three toilet stops before 10 miles !!! Is that a record?!
  • That LOL wasn't for you AW, it was for RB (in case you were thinking that I was laughing at your marathon success!!!).
  • No offence taken, wasnt sure what lol was till your next message. Worked out it was a prefix but thought lots of love with !!! seemed an odd message !!
  • Thanks Hild.. seems this forum style still isn't that suitable eh??

    Just thinking also that doing it on the top floor of the Hilton might get you into trouble. More especially if it's FROM the top floor of the Hilton!!!
  • Well done NR. We don't have anywhere as posh as that here. Making a toilet stop on the pier doesn't sound quite as classy!
  • Well done NR - great fun running through London. I did a Waterloo to Baker St run on Weds night. Didn't know the way, so followed my nose. Past the Houses of Parliament and an MP I'd seen on Question Time, through St James Park and Green Park (had a little stint with the Nike 10k training group), then I ran through Picadilly and Oxford Street - which was interesting. I stuck to the bus lane and didn't have too much of a prob. I was grinning to myself and singing (don't ask me why) Hey Jude. I'm sure there were many people who thought, another one's escaped - and I played up on it. Quite liberating to act like a lunatic! Got to the Globe in no time - but unfortunately after all that running (around in circles) the alcohol didn't agree with me (I got a bit tipsy and lost my bag with my running gear in it!)...
  • How did you cope with the traffic & the pollution? Me & Oldbones live out in the sticks - four cars is a traffic jam around here. But even so, part of my normal route has no pavement and if you run in the road then you run the risk of looking like the squashed rabbit in the middle. Car drivers are so inconsiderate.

  • This is a great thread. Celebrating success all the way! I ran nine miles yesterday. My longest run ever. A white van man took the time to throw a tennis ball at me and a car full of women slowed down so they could bark at me. Isn't Essex lovely at this time of the year?

    I am, however, now confident that I will complete Windsor, lack of injury permitting. I'm going for less than 2 hours...

  • Sythree, are you Mrs Oldbones? Nice to meet you (so to speak!)... As for the pollution. Have to say that I did have more than the usual quota of rather unpleasant black stuff omit from nostrils (Londoners will know what I'm talking about) after Weds night... If I did it regularly would have to invest in Michael Jackson style mask, but fortunately don't have to work in the Smoke too often, so it's a rare treat. I'm sure the novelty would soon wear off. Threre's only so much tourist dodging a gal can do. Look forward to meeting you at Windsor Waapster...where's the where to meet at Windsor thread?
  • As always, Ratbag is his usual entertaining self.
    . New runner, you've got me thinking of what hotels we pass on the New york route ! I'm pretty sure we pass the Trump towers !!!
  • NR - well done on your 15 miler, I don't think I'd have had the nerve to drop into the Dorchester!

    Snicks - there's a Windsor thread on the Events forum which includes some discussion on a meeting point but I don't think it's been finalised yet.
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