In Praise of Council Workers

Just had to post this as a 'restores your faith' kind of post.

Running at the seaside with my training partner this morning -
(Approaching St George's Church in Cullercoats for those that know the area)

- up ahead, two council men, climbing out of their refuse van to empty a bin
(on a Sunday?)

- it's obvious that there is nowhere for us to go. Options seem to be - step into the road - squeeze round behind men and risk tripping over a bench - stop and wait for them to finish

- haven't decided which course of action to take when council man 1 looks up and sees us approaching, steps back to give us room and gives council man 2 the word to do likewise

- cheery 'thank yous' given, and 'nee bother' replies

Public thanks, to the considerate bin emptiers of North Tyneside


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Always nice to see praise and thanks given where it is due
  • Aww, that's a nice story.

    I always give a cheery 'thank you' when people move aside for me. People are happier to do kind deeds when its acknowledged and appreciated.
  • I ran past St George's Church Cullercoats this morning - about 07.30 :-)
  • Well, we're always quick to moan or criticise aren't we?
    It was particularly good of them, as I suppose I would have been focussed on just getting my job done in their place, and might not even have noticed anyone else.

    Which way were you running, Corinth?

    We set out from Spanish City at about 7:50, ran to Tynemouth, turned round and came back in 45:09 - a PB - so we were in a good mood even without the courteous binmen (are we allowed to call them that still?)
  • Waste disposal operativtives.

    We have council workers around here will stop for chat etc.

    The local park warden is great. Everyones name and dogs names.
  • Was dropped off at Tynemouth Priory and heading to St Mary's Lighthouse Nowhere near as windy as last week I'm glad to say - did you do the North Tyneside 10K last week?... I was spectating as I Had a minor heart opp 11 days ago (Cath/ab)

    So was jog/walking today, feeling my way back, took me a lot longer than usual.... managed run most of the way up the coast though.
  • I take it the op went as planned, if you were running today. All the best for a full and speedy recovery.

    It certainly was a better day today. Managed a PB for 10k last week, despite the wind. Was pleased with 45:23, but frustrated, as I know I can go under 45 in better conditions. Never mind, there'll be another chance sometime. It was blowing a hoolie last year too. Maybe third time lucky in 2008.
  • Can someone tell me how many days are in a fornight? 11 or 14?

    Raises eyebrows at Cornith


    Lovely to hear XL-Man.
  • 14
    hence the name, Fourteen nights, contracted to 'fort-night'

    Ahhh, spots raised eyebrow.
    Is someone being told off here?

    Geordieland is in a separate time-zone KKD, and we're tough up here too - as evidenced by semi-naked girls drinking in November.
  • Thank you, XL Man. I thought so!

    Consider yourself chastised Corinth! ;-)
  • I saw a couple of council workers the other day. all of a sudden one of them turned round and stamped his foot down hard on a snail, all snail and shell all over the pavement.

    I heard his mate say "what d'you do that for?"

    To which he replied "He'd been following me all day!"
  • ¦oD
  • awww.
    I wrote to the council to tell them how nice the flowers by the station looked. They sent a lovely letter back saying that they didn't usually get people bothering to write nice things & they really appreciated it.
    i think you should write to your council to say how nice your bin men are.
  • Wow, I'm from Scotland but my sis-in-law lives in Cullercoats. Last year, we took the kids down for a few days, and I had a run out to the Tynemouth lighthouse and back. It was one of the most satisfying runs I've ever had...beautiful coastline! I love the whole area, and the people are the friendliest I have encountered anywhere.
  • Friendly binmen too, clearly.

    It's a great place to run, Eyegor.
    My training partner and I are out there pretty regularly.
  • Do you ever do the 'Wagonways' From Monkseaton to Delaval Hall and then back down the coast XL Man?
  • No, Corinth,
    I'm a creature of habit, but I should broaden my running horizons. What sort of distance is that route you mentioned?
  • My aunt lives in Monkseaton.

    I just thought I'd share that with you.

  • maybe she has your pocket money, ST
  • From where I live (Seaton Sluice by the Astley Arms) and sticking as close as I can to the shore whilst not drifting onto the beach - it's about 8.7 miles, but you can shorten it by cutting bits off. I'll send you a route tomorrow, I'm off to bed now.

    Nice run though, no hills, might be worth you having a look at.

  • *makes note to say hello to ST's Aunt next time I'm passing
  • XL, maybe she has!!!!

    You'd think, being family, she'd have given me it back, wouldn't you?

  • Corinth, she'll make you a cup of tea and give you a garibaldi biscuit, I expect.

    I'll tell her to look out for you ;-)
  • Night, Corinth,
    and thanks.
  • XL-Man, send me an email so I can attach route map

    Can't do it from here :-)
  • I say thank you to the dog owners who are consciously controlling their dogs as I run though the park etc. I also say 'hello doggie' to the nice friendly dogs.
  • I got a proper 'g'wan pet' the other morning from the driver of a bin lorry in Waaaallsend (he waited to turn out from a side street til after I'd run past). Obviously North Tyneside bin men are just fab and very considerate of runners :)
  • Someone should email the link to this thread to the local council down there. Somebody, somewhere would appreciate it! I work for my local council, and as was already said, messages of praise or gratitude tend to be thin on the ground, compared to complaints.

    From my experience, it's everyone from that neck of the woods who are remarkably friendly.
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