Monday 16th April 2007


Well done Clink on your race a good result.

Meli-I know all about Boston have a friend over there running the Marathon today!!

What: 4.5 miles easy after work and rehab exercises
Why: re- hab programme and all going really well.

So I get to run an extra day this week:-)

Have fun out there but take care in the heat.
Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.


  • Morning peeps.

    Not been on for a while. PC wasn't well.

    45 mins steady this morning. Nice out too.

    Lots and lots to read back.Hope everybody is ok and those aiming for London are tapering well.

    Have a good one peeps.
  • morning
    thank you poppy, i know the lyrics ;-)
    i think that must be very unusual - rotterdam stopping the race, never heard of it happening before? you'd certainly be gutted after all that training. they must have had some medical advise i expect

    welcome back birkmyre, hope all is well with you

    lizzyB - stile leaping! i can just picture you. can you give me a few lessons - need technique for pursuing CC when he's legging it after one of his local harem.
    up against it with the asthma and bad night and then a nosedive midrace but well done you on catching the man and a strong finish

    DO2 - in at the deep end with a sharp race to get you back into it after illness, hope you are fully recovered

    mike - i think they cut that bit out deliberately because of the heat. we are getting mollycoddled....

    yesterday's results are through and i pulled back 2 points on nice rival - lying a single point behind her now with one race to go. all set for a friday night showdown

    didn't the lady who won paris have a funny run? looked like she was going to trip overherself, i wonder if she's bothered having her gait analysed - doesn't seem to be slowing her down

    what - recovery, either 5 mile loop or maybe a bit further
    why - monday run
    last hard - yesterday
    last rest - 2 days

  • Morning!

    Rotterdam?! Poor bu88ers - and a strange decision - you can't really make a call like that after 3:30 of racing.

    BR - when I said I was 6 minutes off my PB it wasn't really good news!

    Clink - the g&t was well earnt :-)

    LizzyB - well done in the Lad's Leap.

    MikeS - well run despite (in spite of?) the hamstrings.

    What: Swim this morning, run tonight
    Why: Back in training (83 days)
    Lyrics: Yes. (I knew the band would be Welsh!)
  • Hi All

    Back from South Africa, it was a wrench to come back to the desert after sitting amongst the mountains and greenery of RSA.

    Two Oceans Ultra 35 Miles

    Friday night and the SE’ly gale is blowing past my window at a steady 35 MPH, forecast for Saturday the day of the race is the same… Help!

    0430 Saturday morning sat eating my toast and can’t hear the wind, open the door and am relived to see that whilst still distinctly on the breezy side its not blowing a gale.

    Arrived at the start in plenty of time unlike many runners entered in the Half Marathon whom I see desperately trying to get past the Ultra starting pens to the half start which is 200 metres further down the road and due to start at 0600.

    At 0625 the hooter sounds and were off, well we walk forward, 7,000 runners on a two lane road takes sometime to spread out, consequently the first three K are well above 6 min/K . Slowly the road opens up and I settle into my 5-30 k’s that I had planned. As dawn breaks we reach the Indian Ocean at Muizenberg after about 12K and run straight into the remnants of yesterdays gale, the wind speed is probably about 20MPH and I tuck in behind a large group of runners to draft myself along, trouble is everyone is trying to do the same and no one wants to lead! The route passes through Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek before leaving the Indian ocean to cross over to the Atlantic via Sun valley, still feeling very comfortable at half way (28K) as we sight the Atlantic for the first time.

    Now the hard work starts as we begin the 250M climb up Chapmans peak, but the views down over Nordhoek Beach and the Atlantic are gorgeous, the wind is on my back and the gradient isn’t too desperate. I crest the summit and am rewarded with a magnificent view down to Hout bay and a gale force wind straight into my face. Whilst coming to terms with the road suddenly going downhill, a head wind, my number starting to come loose and eating a Banana I trip over a cats eye and sprawl all over the road. Stand up brush self down, secure number, check limbs, grazed knee and elbow, nothing appears to badly damaged and set off down the hill. The assistance of gravity seems to be balancing out the headwind and I sit back to enjoy the view.

    We reach Hout Bay at the bottom of the hill (damn back at sea level) and my family are waiting to cheer dad on, a quick hug with all and I set off up the road towards Constantia Nek a 300 M climb over 4K. I pass through the marathon point in 4 hours 03 mins and the wheels come off badly, legs just don’t seem to want to function. Ah well eat the Ice cream being given away at the aid station, drink as much coke as possible, remember that Stickless would certainly not quit and WALK. I eventually get to the top of the hill at the 46K mark and try out the legs, all seems to be functioning and I run off towards the finish crossing the line in 5 hours 38 mins.

    So all in all not a bad day at the office, I was targeting at 5-30 finish so 8 minutes over but given the wheels coming off from 41 – 46K that’s to be expected. Once gain I learn that ultras have a way of sneaking up and biting you in the arse but that also bad patches do pass, normally food, drink and a walk can cure all.

    Now back to today

    What: 5.7 miles recovery d & d AM, 10 miles tempo PM
    Why: Comrades
    Last Hard: Two Oceans
    Last Rest: Saturday
    Lyrics: Yes
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    Weird about Rotterdam stopping the race, I'm sure there are marathons (Dubai?) which are run in hotter temperatures, or at least where the temp rises to that at the end. Fear of litigation or some other reason?

    Clink - leap onto top step of stile (using a convenient stone as a springboard), step over onto other top step, jump off. All done without slowing down from 7m/mile pace. Easy - not! I can only do it at walking pace, even then I like to hold something. Think it's something that core strength and good ankles would help with

    What: 30 miles easy on the bike
    Why: Feeling a bit bruised and battered after yesterday and have a time trial tomorrow. so an easy day.

    Also have appointment with an ankle specialist this afternoon, who happens to work at one of my local hospitals, who will hopefully know why my ankle has never got better from 3x ligament injuries. His research (oh isn't Google Scholar great?) is all on soft tissue injuries and sports medicine. Will report back later
  • Morning,

    Well done DD

    What: 1hour easy pm
    Why: Finally get an easy week
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Last Rest: 31 days
  • Morning
    Fantastic report DD-ice cream at the aid stations sounds a top idea too!

    Some excellent racing at the weekend, especially in that heat

    I think ive commented on what i think about rotterdam elsewhere
    suffice it to say that one isnt on my list(and the 52 mile challenge last year was run in that kind of heat, as was the south Downs marathon)
  • ah, you need a bit of bounce to keep going forward over the top step. i can't get my second leg over without turning backwards. may try later

    sounds a beautiful setting DD - any pics? hopefully no lasting damage from the fall, especially as you were able to run this morning. well done on gritting it out and best of luck for comrades
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Great racing DD, I like the idea of an ice cream stop during a race.

    Clink - my nearest stile is about 2 miles away but this is something I have to practice! I can leap 5 bar gates easily (dive, grab bottom rung, bring legs over), but anything which involves balance is out for me. Have fun practicing, don't break anything!
  • Morning. Def a shame they stopped Rotterdam. I really feel for those who had their marathon ruined. If it were me I'd be fuming. You'd think that as they knew the weather was going to be hot there would be extra water and showers set up on the course to keep the body cool. Also imo most runners entering a marathon would be sensible enough to know how to run in the heat.

    Hippo, you're right SD was very hot last year.

    Well done DD.

    Good racing also clink, MikeS and Lizzy.

    what:am 10 miles on treadmill / pm 5 miles on treadmill
    why:the surface is easier on my recovering leg
  • lizzy - i think its just that people who do dubai (and other hot races) are expecting that sort of heat. if you are trained and ready for it then thats fine. no one could possibly have been expecting and trained for 30+degrees yesterday. it may seem like an odd decision by the organisers but once significant numbers of runners end up in hospital they surely have to do something. fear of litigation maybe but also possibly fear of someone dying? after all the medical resources must have been massively overstretched?

    rotterdam is a fabulous marathon - although i may be slightly biased as it was my first one - but it was brilliantly organised, a flat and well supported if not hugely scenic course and best of all only 7-8000 runners rather than fighting the masses at the huge city marathons.

    rest day today after yesterdays race.
  • hilly - they apparently had showers on the course, added two extra water stations and gave everyone a bottle of water at the start to drink before they started. they also gave out written advice at the expo about running in the heat. but once people start collapsing and having to be resuscitated i guess you have to start thinking that some runners at least obviously aren't prepared or running within their capabilities.
  • Fair point M. I guess some runners don't know how to run in the heat or are not aware until it's too late of their body temp rising above that which is safe to continue.
  • Clink – well done on your race and points too. Best of luck for final showdown.

    MikeS – You too! How are your hamstrings today?

    IronWifey - good going!

    LizzyB – Well done on your race! Hope you’re not too bruised from your fall. I’d liked to have seen the look on that marshall’s face when you said no way to taking it easy! Best of luck with the specialist today.

    IronMel – good on you for getting onto the turbo after all.

    Pops – no not in Bude, I was in Poland last week. Luckily for you as the last time I camped in Bude the Boscastle disaster happened…

    Drew – crikey he biked 20 miles after that! There was no way she could bike as she was very sick and dizzy. In fact we had to lay her at the side of the road for a while to allow her to recover, but of course it was chucking it down, so anyone that had any extra layers took them off and threw them over her. But all the same she got quite chilled. She’s ok now.

    DD – well done on Two Oceans, sounds awesome to me! Those views sound just the best. Good on you for battling it out with that wind, overcoming the wheels falling off and still finishing very well indeed. :0)

  • Morning all

    Feel very sad for those runners whose marathon was stopped yesterday. It must have been truly awful. Hope Night Nurse had a good one.

    clink - Excellent result. Now its do or die!

    birkmyre - Nice to see you back.

    DD - Well done. Sounds like a beautiful place to run. The ice cream a definite bonus too but still I could never imagine running further than a marathon.

    Mike S - Well done. Glad your legs survived!

    What: 7 miles steady
    Why: Base building

    Enjoy the day

  • It does look grim when a big city marathon can't organise itself better than this. It's certainly not one I'd be thinking of in the future. I acknowledge they did try and act before the event but my heart goes out to people who have put in miles and miles of training, spent hundreds of pounds and sacrificed their time for this.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I guess no one from the thread was doing Rotterdam yesterday. Sounds awful. Did they stop the marathon completely, or pull people off the course at a 'cut off' point?

    DD - sounds like you had a pretty good race despite the wheels coming off. It sounds spectacular too!

    Clink well done on your race - fingers crossed for friday!

    Lizzy - I don't fancy jumping stiles during a race! Well done!

    What: a swim, and maybe an easy run, but then again I might do that tomorrow instead!
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: tuesday

    Have a good day all.
  • whoopsie, nearly forgot

    I have heard from david fagan

    Sadly-heis knwee is still a problem, and he may be facing another arthroscopy

    he says hello to everyone
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    morning all!
    need to read back and catch up..

    spooky poppy! I was going to use these lyrics the other day, rod the mod version for me!

    what: sports massage needed later
    why: tight left glute is causing discomfort down back of left leg((((

    last hard: yesterdays 7.57 in heat
    last easy: sat

    take care all and I am praying for cooler weather for flm on Sunday!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    clink, great report, and well done!!
    Lizzyb - bl**dy amazing, well done!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • great report DD - ice cream at aid stations sounds fab! glad you didn't hurt yourself badly when taking a tumble....
  • The fall left no lasting damage other than bruised pride.. should be getting used to it I fell over a cats eye at Comrades in 2005! We don't have them here in Dubai!

    General photos of Two Oceans here

    Photos of Moi here race number 40175

    As to stopping Rotterdam.. It was around 33C by the end of Two Oceans no -one considered stopping it. Dubai / Singapore / Mumbai marathons are all run in temperatures well above 30C. Apparently no one is allowed to make their own decisions anymore.
  • Ok the first link doesn't work lets try

    Search for Two Oceans
  • My new DS Racers have just arrived for FLM.

    Anyone know how to move the position of where a new window appears when clicking on a link?
  • Morning all,
    Enjoyed watching the Paris marathon, looking forward to boston later today. Surprised to here they stopped Rotterdam, trust the runners will get some kind of refund for this?

    am: 5-miles easy already done, legs a little heavy but felt fine otherwise.

    pm: 7-miles multi-terrain run `pushing pace a little` in hot weather.

    Aerobic endurance and getting body used to quicker running in hot conditions.
    Will try having a salty drink after run, to top sodium levels back up, knowing I sweat like a pig! lol

    I kind of get that idea, from the past weeks training, plus looking at MG training plan. I think threashold will be binned for Comfy pace most of the way and a bit harder in parts ;)

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    LOL DD, I can't believe you tripped over another CatsEye. I had an Ice Cream at 2Oceans around 41kms last year.
    Well run in the wind, last year they had a hot day with a good breeze.

    What: 10miles
    Why: Cutback week
    Last hard: Friday
    Last rest: Sunday
    Lyrics: nope
  • Clink - great report - good racing.

    Dubai Dave - well run - good pic - it looks hot!

    Lizzy - that fell running sure sounds tough!

    Mike S - take care.

    Does anyone know where to look for the Rotterdam results? I have a friend who was running it. I certainly hope he was under 3.30 as it would be a very long way to go to have your race curtailed!

    What: 3 miles easy then spent the day with gkids.
  • Morning all
    back from a week in Wales with family. Mostly spent walking, swimming, cycling and fishing. Kids got pi$$ed off with me training when swimming rather than 'swimming properly' which involves slashing around with them in the shallow end so last few swims were less conducive to a good ironman time :(

    What: 6 miles easy, technique swim
    Why: FLM taper

    Will try to read back yesterday's thread.

    DD - nice reprort and well done on teh race.
  • Morning all,

    DD - Nice pics and great going, sounds a tough race, hills, cats eyes and wind! Do we get ice cream at Comrades??

    LizzyB - Great stuff!!

    Hipps - send my best wishes to DF

    Cancelled a Mara due to heat!? Strewth what is the nanny state/world coming to! I'd be gutted after all the hard work training.

    What: 10 miles easy
    Why: Light week last week, big one planned this week.
    Last Hard: 8 days

    Have a great day
  • Morning folks.

    After my run yesterday morning, didn't manage as much cake and coffee as I had on Saturday...just a full cooked brekky/brunch with a pot of tea(!), then a 6 mile walk followed by a cappuccino and a tasty slice of ginger cake.

    DD - sounds like a fantastic race and an excellent report. Well done.

    On Rotterdam, sounds like a very strange decision...doesn't everyone sign a disclaimer when they enter it? Sounds like the organisers did make some additional allowances for the weather (as far as they could anyway), but I suppose there'll always be situations where these allowances aren't great enough. I know for a fact that Mrs S wouldn't have been too pleased if she'd been stopped during the last mile of a 3.35 PB run or hadn't had an official time recorded had she reached the line before the 'cut-off'!

    Anyway, for today...

    What: a 'loosener' session at the club tonight...a steady 10 x 200 on grass with slow jog recoveries
    Why: to keep everyone ticking over during their taper

    Have a good day.
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