SPF face moisturisers & running.

I've just recently started using moisturiser for my face with an spf 15. Is a face cream with spf enough protection for running in the sun or do I need to use an additional sun protection lotion over that? Sorry, silly question but really not sure if these moisturisers are enough. Ta...


  • Will depend completely on how sensitive to the sun your skin is chum. Mine is v sensitive, so I use high spf.

    Unfortunately also you can't layer one product over another and expect it to work properly.

    I use a face mois. spf 15 too, but carefully only put factor 20-25 on my cheekbones / back of neck on v sunny days. If you use P20 or Ultrasun sunblocks (*brilliant* stuff) note if you even have moisturiser on your hands when you apply them they will not work...it stops them bonding to the skin.

    P20 seems a bit harsh for the face, but Ultrasun seems ok. Hope this helps a bit :O)
  • Hi Nick, thanks for that. I'm olive skinned and not sensitive to sun at all, so do you think an spf 15 would be ok on it's own, maybe a higher spf for the really sunny days?
  • With the little I know, and bearing in mind we are all different...

    I personally think a good 15spf sunblock much better than a 15spf moisturiser for anything other than general use - I don't think it bonds as well or stays on as long.

    Personally I use 15 moisturiser every day just as a general thing - with sunblock for activity or walking about outdoors.

    Lay in some proper gentle face sunblock 20/25 for those sunny hot days outside and then you will never have to worry :O) Just don't put it over moisturiser and remember to do all the other bits (back of neck!!) too.
  • cheers, that's been very helpful!
  • Try a few out first if you can. Some suncreams really sting your eyes once you get sweaty.

    I've used Pro-Sport happily for marathons, sailing and the like. The advantage is that it lasts all day, whereas most recommend re-applying regularly - which is tricky half-way through a run with a sweaty face! http://www.2xs.co.uk/Pro_Sport_44_SPF_6oz.asp?CID=53

    There are also some gels, e.g. Aloe Gator, that do a similar all-day, suitable for sweat/watersports, job.
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