Advice Needed

Morning All,
I was wondering if anyone could help with with my query. I run quite a bit and enter races every so often. However I have chrohn's disease and therefore my body doesn't absorb all the nutriens and goodness out of the food I eat as it should (so I'm told) I've tried asking my doctor about supplements, dietry advice etc but he says I should wait until I see my hospital consultant and ask him - problem is I'm not seeing him until 24 Sep whereas my next race is on 22 September. Does anyone know anything that I should be doing to get the most from what I'm eating as I really want to go for a good time ion 22 Sep.


  • My spelling is so bad today!!! Too used to doing spellcheck
  • There's a sports company called Be-well that's quite passionate about nutrients and the immune system.

    Their drink Breakthrough is very good - tastes foul, but full of wholesome things. It's a slightly eccentric company, but very straight - Paula Radcliffe uses them, for instance.

    good luck!

    Sean, Runner's World
  • Thanks Sean
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