Mizuhno Wave Precision


Is this shoe still around as I don't see it advertised by may retailers (never tried it myself but would like to !!)



  • I think most decent running shops would stock the Mizuno Precision - it's certainly still available. The Birmingham Runner (www.birminghamrunner.com) has them on their promtional leaflet inside March's edition of Runner's World, plus most other Mizuno models. I have been training and racing for about 4 months in a pair of 2002 Wave Riders and they are great shoes so expect the Precisions will be too.
  • I tried in vain in december and january to get a pair of Wave Precision 3's and gave up.That's Bourne Sports for you !
    My brother already has a pair for speedwork and for distance racingand swears by them. I opted in the end for a pair of Nike Skylon 2003. They really are a good alternative to the Precision. I will use them in FLM 2003.Uk Size 7 only weigh 270 grams !!!
  • Dunc

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems tracking down a pair of Precision's.
    It's certainly still out there and going strong.

    As Gonzalez quite rightly said, alot of running shops take the Precision. The best thing I can suggest is for you to look at our store locator on the web www.mizunoeurope.com but please phone before you make a journey to avoid disappointment!

    Best of luck!

    Mizuno Marketing
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