Help - Reaction to antibiotics!

I had tonsillitis diagnosed yesterday and was prescribed Penicillin VK and told that I would be fine to run FLM on Sunday.

However I have spent all night throwing up which I presume is a reaction to the antibiotics? Will it be too late now to take a different antibiotic and how do i know that one won't make me sick too?


  • hi caterpillar girl

    er---------I would not advise you to run with tonsillitis which is deemed bad enough to need antibiotics

    thee isnt really any way of telling which ones will make you throw up other than by trial and error
  • am not a medic, but it may not be the antibio but something connected with your tonsillitis.......

    have you reacted badly to pen V before that you know of? penicillin intolerance is fairly common - it can be dangerous in some people - so you may fall into this category. there are alternatives which may be better for you so go back to see your GP pronto....

    personally I'd think of deferring the FLM place to next year if I had tonsillitis
  • Cheers for the advice PH and FB. Am going back to GP this morning.

    Luckily I have a GFA place for next year and I won't run unless I feel a lot better by Saturday. I've already resigned myself to not doing the sub 3:15 that I've trained so hard for but was hoping to run slower and enjoy the day and the atmosphere.
  • I really wouldnt risk it caterpillar girl
  • I wouldn't run either CG.

    Listen to PH - she's a doctor!
  • Shame that CG - you looked on good form at Grindelford (I remember the hair). 1st or 2nd vet lady as I recall?

    Agree with the Hipps here. Don't run.

    Totley ladies need you....
  • Just been back to the docs and he says that my vomiting isn't due to the antibiotics but that I have picked up a viral stomach bug as well as the tonsillitis (aren't I the lucky one!). He has prescribed me some Motilium for the sickness and is still insisting that I will be fit and well by Sunday.

    Think I may heed the advice of my fellow forumites though!
  • Don't do it dude!!!

    I haven't run since december, I'm big into fell running, 10k, adventure racing etcc...

    It driving me crazy!! Depression has set in...I'm like this because I didn't listen to my body. If you run you will make yourself worse! Plese dont run...thare are other races X
    get well soon!
    I have an operation soon and cant wait to get back to it but will be listening to my body.
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