FRESH'N'LO Great Scottish Run



  • Won't get the Evening times here till about 2 o'clock. Well done with your time Cameron - don't be disappointed.  I'm resloved to the fact I do my training runs way better than I do a race. I get myself so hyper from moment i get up till start of race i've probably used up big supply of my energy but c'est la vie. Bloomin good day though and took day off today so pottering about in garden in the intermitent sunshine with sore feet - I'll tiptoe round to newsagent later for copy of my evening Times!!

    Weecol must have just spotted my green ribbon poking out of my pre-race t-shirt as he chased after me passing the city chambers.

    Debbo I seen you pirates - the green ribbon must have been camouflaged by your costumes!! 

  • Weegie - you've opened a can of worms mate image!

    If you have time could you please check out Colin Sheal, time 1:55.11 by my watch.

    Thanks very muchly.

  • Crystal Tips

    4704th (from 6460) 2:10image7

  • Thanks Weegie,  though your wee symbol says it all - tht'a a minute slower than last year and 14 mins slower than my PB! But the summer training was sadly lacking, so it's hardly surprising! There's always next year.......

  • Sorry Crystal Tips, the forum keeps inserting smileys! Time again is 2-10-07.

    Wee Coll - 3221st, 1-57-34

  • Thanks Weegie - you're a star image
  • Wee col, it inserts a smiley because you are typing : - 0 but next to each other.... image  this is shorthand for image
  • Oh it was a Weegie error! Oops. image
  • Triple S,

    I'm aware of the make up of smileys, I just keep forgetting that standard time formatting might translate as them when the reply is posted!

    Take care all,


  • In the evening times website you can download the race pull out with all the times etc. it also has a little video you can watch to see if you spot yourself!!

  • Hehe Weegie, it's easy to forget with all these formatting options! image
  • Thanks for the link Gayle and Douglas. *thumbs up*
  • Official time 1hr 41mins. 

    Not bad considering i was hoping to beat 2hrs

  • I would just like to apologise for the photo on page 12 of the Evening Times supplement - I might have been better to have borrowed a bra from the women in the adjacent picture.
  • I had a great day yesterday.

    We were a bit later than intended, so missed most people at the Chambers, but managed to catch Straycelt and Wee Col for a brief chat before heading across to the loo queue.  En route I spotted a pirate - pretty conspicuous kit! - and had a word with Bryan the Snail.  Loo queue was slow, then someone shouted "there's no queue round the back" so a quick sprint warm up was had, last loo visit, then a ggod luck kiss from hubby, and I joined the back of the yellow (i.e. the very back of the race) for the walk round to the start line.

    I missed the first mile marker, so I had no clue as to my pace, except that it was slow/fast slow/fast as I gradually started the overtaking which would be pretty much what I did the whole way round.  I was probably overtaken by about a dozen runners all day, and passed about 800. 

    Picked up the mile markers, and stuck to 11 min miles (other than mile 1 which must have been about 12.5), taking a jelly baby every mile.  It got a bit warm in Bellahouston park, so half my water got poured over me, then headed for the shade in Pollock park.  The hills didn't seem as steep as they have in the past, and the downhills were magic.  Decided to do the right thing and try something new on the day, so I had a gel at 8.5 miles.  That's when I normally struggle mentally, and have often ended up walking, and it seemed to help (and I kept it down too!). 

    9 miles, and the guy with the hose was a godsend.  That's my favourite bit of the course - brilliant cheering, kids doing high-fives and water everywhere. Fab.

    Just after 10 miles I hooked up with Lesley from Edinburgh, and we chatted our way round the rest of the course.   That really took my mind off the pain (longest run since May was 8 miles, last weekend) and I was delighted to get to the end having run the whole way, in 2:24 something.   9 mins slower than last year, but given the lack of training, anything under 2:30 would have been fine.

    Then hubby got a call from my mum to say she'd seen me on the telly.  image

    Cracking day all round - although I'm shattered today.

    Thanks for the link to the Evening Times G&D.  Excellent pic of BtS resplendant in Pirate kit!

  • Thanks for the link - my time was 2.19(I'll knock of 5 minutes as i did 2 portaloo stops in the parks unlike the guys who lined up against the trees-oh how handy it is to be a guy)!!

    I'm more gutted that brian THE snail is an imposter - he's not a snail at all!!

    Hope your mum taped you on telly Nessie. I've been on the front of evening times pull out twice in the mass crowds so can't be greedy!!

  • Thanks for the link G & D !

    Spent ages pouring over it....... beats working image

    1:46:31 a few seconds better than watch time - pleased with that!

     Did anybody else think that the Nairns Oat 'crisp'things were boggin' - Caramel wafer eating is a defining moment of the post race experience, yum!........ and.........what is the exploding white F&lo thingy ??????

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    SFC - it's a frisbee!

    Karen - we didn't have green ribbons - I was relying on the fact that I knew quite a few folk already so would find people.

    My official time is at least a minute slower than my watch image  2.-07 something.

  • After running 13.1 miles I needed a frisbee like a fish needs a bicycle image
  • SFC I share your sentiments about the exploding white disc!

    I finished in 1:58.48 which was not what I hoped for - mainly because of problems with Lucozade Gels, stomach cramps and more than anticipated time in the portaloos.  I'm hoping to get another half marathon in before the end of the year because I know I can run better.

  • My official time was 1.06.54. Ten minutes faster than I first thought but I was in the last muster so that explains it. I'm really pleased with that time!

    Well done everyone!
  • Thanks G and D for the link.  Fascinating reading. 1 55 59 for me, tad faster than expected so that will do.  Glasgow half sorted.  My half marathon caravan now moves to Jedburgh and Fort William where I hope not to be the only green ribbon bod about.

    SFC and Greg, yeh a frisbie ??  I'm 48.  Surely some mistake !!

  • Gillian what half are you doing in Fort William? Is it Eddie's Half Marathon in November by any chance?
  • Yes you doing it ?
  • Hi Gillian

    I think I will finish off this year with Jedburgh. It will be my 10th half and it would be nice to get into double figures.

    When I did it last year it was my 2nd. The 11m hill is a killer eh!

    So I'll green up for then! and see you there.

  • I've just entered it today.  I was supposed to be doing it last year but didn't make it so I'm quite looking forward to it this year.  The fact that it's in November gives me extra motivation to keep running through the winter.
  • I just entered today as well - though if I had known in advance about the killer hill at mile eleven I might have changed my mind!

    Is the rest of it hilly as well?

  •  Karen it was nice to see you even if it was after you had past image

    Looks like Foxxy got 1hr 50min 25sec which he is gutted about, he felt he ran a good race yet came in 3min slower than last year when he walked some of the course...but hey theres always next year !

    My official time was exactly as my watch 2hrs 25min 1sec - every second counts !!

  • Hi everyone!  Congratulations to everyone who got round!  Some really good times in there as well!  Weather seemed quite good for it up North, take it it was cloudy and cool in Glasgow too?

    Sorry to hear you had to join the non-starters' club, Debstir and Mick, at least you were in good company! image  You'll be super determined next year and I'll be there with you!  Leg coming along nicely, still strapped up for another few weeks yet but the pain's gone at least.

    Gillian, no rest for some!  Impressive time and hope you do just as well at Jedburgh and Fort William!

  • Crystal - No worries! the killer hill I was talking about is in the Jed half, not Eddie's image
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