Flora London Marathon ... Best In The World?

We often hear London rated as best marathon in the world. Without doubt it is a spectacle made possible in the main by the enthusiasm of the 35,000 that actually take part,the many thousands lining the streets and the army of volunteers. Other than that I fear the race has become a well-oiled machine run by equally well-oiled marketeers. Undoubtedly the elite field would agree that London is one of the best marathons in the world as they stand to financially benefit in so many ways. Whereas the rest of us pay our entry fee and then pay again and again. For example in years gone by the so called pasta party was actually a real party for free, whereas today it has become a token money maker, charging £5 for the pleasure and very little 'party atmosphere'. In contrast take the other four Majors where participation means exactly that in New York and Berlin you get your moneys worth ... Breakfast Run and free breakfast, pasta party and post race celebration party. You actually feel as if you are part of the event whereas in London we 35,000 in reality play second fiddle to the elite.So where does all the money go apart from attracting the elite Come London if you really want to be known as the best in the world that has to be reflected in your desire to include all in this great street festival. Perhaps the organisers need to reflect on the level of sponsorship provided. In the US it always seems that sponsorship drives the event for the inclusion of all whereas in the UK London relies on just a few bob from dear old Flora! ...Let's get real London and earn the right to be a Major along with New York, Chicago, Berlin and Boston


  • Can I EOD to this?
  • Entry on the day is not possible.
  • I think you would really expect a dri-fit T-shirt available in the size you want it from a big marathon. A cotton T-shirt only available in XL just doesnt cut it these day.
  • Yes and a pretty poor one colour design has been my experience unlike the other majors who provide quality garments....
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