After training intensively for the London Marathon (have done it the last 2 years) I have discovered i'm pregnant (2 weeks late) I'm in acomplete dilemma as to whether to run or not. I completed the marathon last year in 3;38 and was hoping to do it this year in 3;30. Will I be mad to do it?


  • I would be extremely reluctant to advise anyone to do it - not because I think it's definitely harmful - but because many early pregs end in a miscarriage and if (and I hope not) yours did, I would feel culpable.

    However were I to make the choice for myself I would weigh up the evidence that I was a fit healthy regular runner who had prepared adequately and had checked this websites advice on running in pregnancy and could adopt all advice such as hydration, temperature control, HR control and then do it.

    I would also change my mind and pull out if it did not go well. I would accept a slower time. I wouldn't beat myself up if anything went wrong with either the mara or my preg if I had taken all these precautions.

    Next marathon, I would take other precautions!
  • Tanks Mrs Pig for your quick response. Been trying for a baby for a year, the marathon was a way of taking my mind off it. Common sense says "don't risk it" I would be stupid to do so, sent in my withdrawel today ; will defer till next year
  • Good luck with the pregnancy.

    There will be other marathons.
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