Nicola's 5, Canvey Island

Just over a week to go, is anybody else doing this?

Posted my entry this morning.


  • I will probably enter on the day.
  • I've entered this year, and have done it before, but I can't remember if this is the same Canvey race that goes up onto the sea-wall for a short spell and then returns to the school? If so, it's a pretty fast route and nerly 100 per cent flat.
  • It could be!

    There's a 5 mile and a 10k, they both start at a school (different schools) and both have a stretch along the sea wall
  • yes the race does go up onto sea wall good flat race.
  • Hello all, ran this today. Nice little run for all abilities. Some of those walkers can shift. Every time I came across one belting along I thought they must be the leader, then I came abross another one, quite a pace! Does anyone know if the results are posted anywhere. Thanks
  • The last few years have been posted here

    Nothing on yet though!
  • Thanks Bob, I'll keep my eyes peeled
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