Help - Heavy Shoe Wear!

I bought my fourth pair of Air Structure Triax in late January, in good time to wear them in for FLM 2003.

Or so I thought.

Thanks to my awful biomechanics, I appear to have worn through the black sole, almost to the spongy rubber on the outside corner of one shoe.

Should I get another pair? Is it too late?



  • Not too late to get another pair - if you run 20 miles per week from now until the marathon, they'll easily qualify as "worn-in" for running the FLM - and hopefully not worn out!

    In the longer term, you may need to source shoes from Bridgestone or Pirelli! (though, joking aside, in RW mag, I see that Puma (I think?) are actually advertising that their soles have been designed in conjunction with Pirelli)...
  • Thanks Shufflebuster!

    I went to my specialist running store yesterday, and wonder of wonders, the lady who usually helps me pick runners agreed to replace them free of charge - AND I get to keep my current 12 weeek old Nike's for the Fleet Half this Sunday.

    Runners are good people!

    For the long term, I've been advised to get my orthotics re-done, because my gait is obviously not being corrected (?)
  • Certainly would be a bit odd to wear through trainers quite that quickly (unless you're doing about 80 miles a week). Running shop may be right, but if you're running without pain, orthotics must be doing some good...
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