Squeezy drinks

Hello! Does anyone know where you can pick up squeezy Lucozade drinks (a la Silverstone)?? Have plenty of the powder but think the squeezy do-dahs are good - I just can't find them!

Sorry to interrupt thread on Asda mens section! Bit new to this and its late doors at the office so not quite with it!



  • Boots and Asda do them, just look around.
  • Cheers Cougie. Did look in couple of Boots and Asda stores, etc but no joy. Will persevere.

    Slight fascination with Asda on this site!!
  • I think it's all the Bum slapping they do.
    If you are running the FLM - they had a big stall there and were almost giving them away !
  • Sainsbury's sell them in packs of three (cardboard wrapper, with carton drinks).

    Boots sell them individually (for some reason my local one has them next to the diabetic food section).
  • snail, that's pretty ironic (spelling) as you can't get any more crap sugar than wot's in Lucozade
  • Cougie.. What?! Asda were giving away the bum slapping?!? There'll be a queue of forumites at the Asda stall at the FLM then.. and you'll be at the head no doubt...
  • Jethro.. surely you mean they're isotonic?!?!? That's irony for you..........
  • Tee hee !
  • well, I did think that they're setting themselves up to be sued by a poor-sighted elderly diabetic who grabs the lucozade sport instead of the sugar-free orange squash :-(

    StevieBoy, bum-slapping at Asda would make a nice change. It's usually the bum-pinchers out in force...
  • They steal your bum ? Ay Caramba !!! Dunno what the world is coming to. I'm gonna watch out for mine. And any shapely young ladeeeeez too. (me being a good samaritan and all that).

  • they're welcome to steal mine, if they like. Not sure they'd be able to hide it under their dirty old macs though.

    Watch out for, or just watch, Cougie?
  • Tee hee hee !

    snail - how could you think such a thing ?
  • Tescos sell it packs of three too - could be handier unless you WANT to get your bum pinched
  • Cougie - I've seen your other posts, remember?!

    Bax - depends who's pinching it ;-)

    I don't like Tesco's cos they put all my favourite food on the top shelf, which I can't reach. So I then have the embarrassment of having to ask some bloke (who clearly thinks it's a euphemism for a different request altogether) or the shame of having to nick some passing kid's pogo stick.
  • Oh no snail - that was someone who cloned my identity. Evil person.
    I live a wholesome life, and spend all my time either running or surfing. I have no time for any other distractions.
  • surfing the internet, judging by your position in the top 100 posters...
  • Huff!

    I've never had my bum pinched in Asda.

    Am I doing something wrong?
  • Me neither Mim. Maybe we shop at the wrong time ?
    Or maybe oure bums are just so damn gorgeous that people think they are untouchable ? Hmmmmm - Yes - that's the theory I'm going with.
  • Well Mim and Cougie... If you really, really want your bum pinched, just put a notice on your back the next time... "valuable ASSet, please do not touch"... I'm sure your bum'll get pinched then!

    Sorry guys... I'm tired this morning.....
  • oh dear!

    perhaps you're all really scary.

    Or perhaps I just live in a dodgy area...
    I don't get my bum pinched in Sainsbury's though. Just my hair pulled by one of the myriad of toddlers, small children and other wee beasties. And I get run over by those mad plastic cars that the kids are encouraged to 'drive' round the store in the style of Fred Flintstone. In Waitrose you get run over by vicious elderly ladies on zimmer frames... I'm sure they could finish a 5k much faster than I could!

  • They go like a F1 driver when there's cheap bread around........
  • Wish trolleys had wing mirrors on. Then maybe, just maybe, girlies wouldn't stop dead in the aisle and block the flow of traffic completely ? ;-)
  • Oh no - girlies daring to stop and do their shopping in a supermarket!! There should be a law against that sort of thing!
  • Good point Bax - Legislation is the answer !

    Unless we can do a Mirror Signal Manoever thing ?
  • And maybe introduce the Tesco Trolley's Test for beginners?
  • Yessss !! They could have a big Green Flag on, and knobbly tyres so that they can't go so fast. Oh, and all trolleys should have rubber round them like a dodgem !

    I babysat in the car one rainy shopping day whilst Mrs Cougie did the shop. I was hit by two trolleys in 45 minutes ! Grrrrr.

    String 'em up I say !
  • The flow of traffic stops completely because blokes have very limited spatial awareness and extremely slow reactions...

    If you were to hold a trolley Grand Prix, the girls would be the F1 sports cars and the blokes would be the out-of-control juggernauts that had crashed through the motorway barrier, careered down the embankment, flattened a couple of villages and ended up on the track by accident...

    there's an art to trolley manoeuvring and etiquette, and women have perfected it... men, just stick to baskets, please!

    [oh dear, what have I just done? I'm going to go and hide now]
  • Tee hee hee. My views precisely.

    (well if you substitute men for women, and women for men)
  • well, you're clearly the only man who believes men are better at shopping than women!
  • Well if that's the case, we'll just leave the women to do the shopping... if I get complaints from the missus, I'll just blame u lot!
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