Squeezy drinks



  • I'm reluctantly coming to the conclusion that shopping is yet another thing I can't delegate. Sending my boyfriend to the supermarket is rather like ordering from Tesco's online - you never quite know what's going to come back. I put 'potatoes' on the list, and he returned with... two potatoes. Never mind that a whole chicken, parsnips, etc were also on the list...

    Still, he always manages to find the cookies and beer, even when they're not on the list. Boys, eh?!

    I think, StevieBoy, that the only answer is to send all men on a supermarket training course...
  • Yeah I know what you mean. The missus always complain that when I go with her (or do it on my own) the bill somehow goes sky high, but when she does it on her own, the bill's quite reasonable...

    So if she want a cheap shop, she has to go on her own, and I have to stay at home and watch the telly... it's a hard life but someone's gotta do it!
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