Lucozade sport gel carrier offer

Went to expo on thursday and got a lucozade gel carrier with six gels for a fiver - good bargain me thinks particularly as there was a little pouch where I could store my asthma inhaler.
Went for a dress rehearsal today to check that all my kit was ok - just as well that I did because my inhaler fell out the bottom of the pouch! Sh*te quality or what? It wouldn't have been very funny if I had needed my ventolin on sunday! be warned people!


  • Bill: I went for a short run yesterday to try it our and my key fell out and lucky I heard it fall on the ground. I am going to have to stitch it more securely today as I do want to use it. Like you, just as well I tried it yesterday otherwise all my sweets would have fallen out tomorrow and by the time I went to get one they would be gone!
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