I am sure there must be a thread on this but what is the website name for the photos and how long does it take for them to be uploaded?

Oh, and congratulations everyone !


  • Hi Lisa,

    FLM website says will have photos up in a few days and we will get them through the post in 3 -6 weeks for "approval".

    How did you get on?
  • Congratulations to everyone that finished the London marathon. I missed out on a place for this year but am once again inspired for 2008.Any more takers?
  • Would give me something else to moan about. I might! Though judging by many of the reports, It is not a pleasant experience.
  • "Pleasant" is a relative term though DB - if you see the photos there'll be lots of smiling faces on them I'm sure :-)

    Now, do I really have to go to work this morning? - Not sure if my legs want to play!
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