DLR disaster

Ok, I just wanted to know how many of you like me were caught up in the problems on the DLR. We got to the start in time to start running at 10.20.

How many did this effect? How far did we walk to the start? How annoyed did everyone get? I look forward to your replies. I am going for a bath now I am home!


  • I understand a train derailed.
  • We left the hotel in Canning town got what should have been a 25 minute journey. We were stuck on a platform for 10 minutes the told to get off at South quay and walk.I think it took me about an hour and arrived to the pen with 5 minutes to go. I couldn't get in the pen until people started moving forward. I was hot,thirsty and annoyed. I had to jog part of the way to get there and didn't have time for a stretch.
    I know it is about 1.5 miles from Cutty Sark to the blue start and it was probably about the same from Sout Quay to Cutty sark.So my marathon was about 29 miles. At least we were on a train.There were hundreds still waiting on the platform when we left the previos station.
  • We just had time to chuck the bag at the poor lady on the baggage lorry and RUN to the start - VERY frustrating then having to duck and waeve through all the tailenders - so no PBs :( GRRRR.

    Bit warm out there wasnt it??!!

  • I got round in 4.30, target was 3.55. Lots went wrong for me today, late start, weather, watch strap broke to name but a few!

    But at least I finished it, and i ran the whole thing which is a first in 4 attempts.

    But the whole DLR thing was poor. Not the fact a train derailed but the way it was handled etc. We stood on a train that went nowhere between 9.05 and 9.20-we were told it was going. I can't blame my time on that completely but I am sure that the long walk and weaving in and out of other runners for 11 miles did me in by half way.

    Beer in hand now tho!
  • Does anybody know how many people were late?
    I wouldn't say it cost me a PB but it cerainly help me to run one of my slowets marathons.
  • Sorry to hear you had problems. I was watching from the comfort of my sofa and I could see loads of people legging it to join the throng. I thought it was a bit odd cos realised they were running, just to be able to join in the walking forwards and I thought they should already have been in their pens, but then thought 'what do I know? Hey, if they can run 26 miles another few hundred yards won't matter'. I didn't imagine that you'd all had difficulty getting there.

    That's bad.

    However, you've achieved the most amazing thing and I hope you are all quite rightly very proud of yourselves. Well done. It was motivating to watch.
  • I was really hot & bothered on the DLR slugging kilos of oranges (after nightmare journey getting onto the DLR in the first place) and I was tamping! Then the bl**dy thing doesn't stop at Mudchute and I had to walk from Crosskeys to the pitstop crew... but hey with some peeps doing 26.2 miles I won't moan. :-)
  • I got caught up in it but was making the same journey as Namaste so no probs with having to be somewhere at a particular time. I just walked the last half mile to Mudchute. I did see lots of runners who were relying on the train to get across the river though and ended up (at a guess) running the couple of miles to the start - not a good way to start the day.
  • The foot tunnel was heaving!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I bumped into a guy in a wetherspoons pub in the city, he told me he had to run from canary wharf to the start with his kit bag ad didn't get started till 10.15. Felt so sorry for him, what a way to start that day!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    It was due to the train failing to pump I one side of the train to platform level. The weight of people push the train down. One side pumped up but the other side did not. Train crashed into the platform. There are speed restriction on that section of the railway today. It is going to cost DLR a lot of money.

    My hubby works on the trains. Lucky for him he was not working yesterday.
  • Namaste - Those oranges went down a treat. Many Thanks :o)
  • Hi Tracey G :)
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Hi Snaps.
  • Took me almost as long as a supporter to get to 18 miles from Blackheath as the runner I was supporting!
  • Wacky: It was a huge pleasure!! :-)) x
  • I got caught up in it. The train in front of ours had broke down so we had to get off and ended up walking for an hour. It had already started when we got there, the lorries had closed so was unable to put bag on them, ended up leaving them to go in a transit van. Due to go from blue start but said late comers could use red start.The under tunnel was heaving and then a spiral stairway with loads of steps..and then the heat. Was worn out before I started...anyway had great day in end and managed to run all the way..whoo hoo !!!!
  • What a disaster!! I left at 8am from nearby the Excel centre and didn't make it to the start until it had just started! Having to walk for 50 mins to the start wasn't the best preparation! When I arrived the stewards wouldn't let me across to the lorries to load my bag so I had to wait until it had started. By the time I had loaded my bag I made my way to the start already dehydrated, hot and stressed! My target time of 3hr 45mins was out the window, didn't get in until 4hr.29 because I had to make my way through the field from the back.

    HOWEVER, the whole thing was truly amazing, breathtaking and very emotional. Having so many people screaming your name was such a boost!

    One of the best experiences of my life + at least I have an interesting story to tell about the start!! :)
  • Yes a complete nightmare start, I too got stuck on a non-moving train for well over 20mins to then get tufed off at cross harbour (I think). Loads of walking, stairs and lack of people knowing what was going on! Managed to get to the start in time only having run up the hill to the blue start. Where they were closing all the baggage, luckily managed to get bag on - but only after running around like a headless chicken to get there in time.

    A great bloke at the start let us filter in, instead of starting at the back.

    After not having time to put lotion on or re-ajust shoes managed to get bad sun burn and blisters!!!
    Quite a way off my wanted time too, managed 4.31.

    Must say though the support of the volunteer physio's and podiatrist at the end were amazing !!! WELL DONE TO THEM ALL!!
  • Can't imagine how hideous this must have been for everyone caught up in it.
  • I had to run over a mile to the start due to the DLR. On arriving at 9:40 looking for the blue start pen 3 with no help from the marshalls I was told to join the back of the Red start. Hard work weaving on such a hot day buy still loved the experience!!!
  • I was put off the train at Charlton. Didn't appreciate having to walk 2 miles with kit. No time to queue for the toilet but at least I made the start on time. Feel so sorry for those of you who didn't. But in such heat just finishing was an amazing achievment for everyone. So be proud!
  • Surprisingly enough buried in TFL's fancy new not very customer friendly website is a Press release on the fiasco, doesn't say a lot though
  • Three of us (one runner and two supporters) got to the Blue Start easily, by taking the East London Line from Limehouse to New Cross and then a crowded train tow stops to Blackheath.

    Lucky we took that route because last year we went to Canary Wharf to get the DLR to Greenwich and it sounds like that would have been a nightmare this year.
  • I was 35 minutes late for the start due to the chaos at Canary Wharf station. TFL staff were really pathetic with no empathy at all for people who were meant to be running and had trained long and hard for an event that they might possibly have missed. Had to run from Greenwich mainline station to the start which was about 1.5 miles.

    Watch this space for the Olympics....
  • ohhh the olympics...

    my my how we are going to royal f--- that event up...

    just imagine; one of londons trains breaking cause there are too many people on it..
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