London 2008

I know its early but......


  • I will do it. Missed it again today but you can count me in.

  • Not at all kk, hadn't seen your post when I wrote mine don't worry. I hope you do :o)

    Was laughing at the fact that I've got a cigar in one hand, glass of red in the other and still haven't made it to the shower yet and I'm thinking about next year already!
  • Up for it - 3.34 last year and decided to miss out this year to run the 3 Forts Marathon in a couple of weeks.

    365 days and counting!!
  • kk, I did indeed.

    A bit of a disaster really as I got to the start late and although I should have been going from pen 4 I was badly held up pretty much the whole way. Was planning (and had trained hard) for a sub 3:30 but just couldn't fight my way through the crowds and had to settle for 29 seconds shy of a sub 4hr finish. Oh well, a valuable lesson amd a good day out.

    The key is to just keep applying unless you get yourself a charity place. If you are rejected 5 times through the ballot you get a gauranteed place. You must apply *every* year though, if you miss one in the middle.... no gauranteed place. Keep trying!
  • The atmosphere is truly amazing! The amount of people isn't really a problem unless you are unlucky. If anything, the thousands of people just serve to remind you that you are taking part in one of the biggest races in the world and no matter what time you finish in... it still feels good to get that medal roud your neck.

    You should definately give it a go, even if only the once :o)
  • after watching FLM on the TV for the past 2 years, I have just said to my wife "I want to do that next year!"....roll on August and the ballot!
  • ps do folk get into FLM the first time they apply through the ballot?
  • I was feeling for the folk out there today, I did Edinburgh marathon last year in 24 degree heat. My hoped for sub 4.30 (4.20 or so) turned very quickly to 4.57, just impossible to know how you will cope....I vowed never to do another summer marathon again.
  • I was on the first page of this thread last year, and here I am again. Missed it by 6 minutes today, but a PB by 4 minutes in the heat.

    Will be half a stone lighter AT LEAST this time next year, which should do the trick.

  • MtRMtR ✭✭✭
    Assuming it can't get any hotter, if I get a place, I'll be going for sub-3:15 next year having missed it by less than a minute today.

    It's been a great thread to be part of - recommend it to anyone!
  • MTR,

    Attaboy - 08 WILL be the year!

  • MTR,

    Attaboy - 08 WILL be the year!

  • Oops! First double submit of the thread.
  • Kitten: Don't be put off by the crowds, today was an amazing atmosphere and if you get in I'll be your personal pitstop clown for the day hehehe... I might take a stab at the ballot but assume rejection, but will defo be back at Mudchute!
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Bring it on......................

    despite yesterdays setback........
  • I will be at the start line on 13 April 2008 having had to pullout of yesterday's race.
  • Caterpillar girl

    I'm over here !! (stands up and waves arms about)

    Welcome one and all looks like we have a good crew to keep us going through the long months to April 2008

    My next race is the Concorde 10k at Heathrow - any one else live around that area ?
  • 1st ever FLM - Amazing. Can't wait for 2008. Hope I get a place, I'm hooked now. Even if I don't I'm going down to be part of the crowd.
  • I'm up for it! If I can get a club/ ballot place this year.
  • I won't be running London next year (or again, I suspect), as I didn't much enjoy it this year - made the mistake of going for a time rather than just enjoying it - but will cheer y'all on in a kind of 'half marathon/10k' kind of way...

    Good luck!
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