Shorts - pants

Can anyone tell me where I can get womens shorts that are like big pants - I love my adidas hotpant shorts but they don't make then anymore so I want to try the shorts that are basically big knickers. - Haven't had much luck tracking them down so far.


  • Take up triathlon and you get to run in your trunks / swimming costume - nice and short :o)

  • I use good old Viga Lady running briefs/knickers. Lycra, big knicker shaped - under shorts or on their own for racing (like the ones Paula Radcliffe was wearing for her great London Marathon).
    Have a look at
  • Very tempting - although I'm one of those swimmers who coughs and splutters if their head goes under the water!!!!
    On holiday last month I found a shop in Ibiza with exactly what I was looking for - then discovered they were actually mens swimming short type things - very tempted to buy although wary of having to try them on in the shop and the assistants reaction (what with not being male)
    Just out of interest:how far do you have to swim/run/cycle in a triathlon?
  • Thanks Dangly Spice - will have a look
  • I'm a fan too - more comfortable and ladylike than shorts by a mile. It's strange, they were pretty much compulsory for female runners at all levels when I was at school then Uni in the early/mid 1980s but now I've returned to the sport mostly only elite runners wear them and they're hard to find.
    I found a choice at Bourne Sports:
    . I bought the Patriot design and wore them for this year's London Marathon, partly for the Jubilee but also because they were the only pair I could find that wasn't massive. I felt a little self conscious - I didn't meet one other woman in the brief-style shorts - but am glad I went for it.
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