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Hi everyone, after watching the Marathon today I was inspired. I am determined to do it next year but wont chance the ballot and collecting charity money can be a real hardship (although I will collect what I can anyway)so I want to try and qualify.

I am 28 so the Good for age is 3 hours in my age category so I have my work cut out. I am currently in 36 minute 10K form and the last half marathon was 1.23 although I am not doing long runs anymore as am doing summer relay/handicap series training.

The question is what is the very best qualifying marathon in sep or beginning of oct where I can do a good time? Also can I realistically think about doing it on 6-8 weeks training if I start after the summer series is over? Granted I do a lot of training but only 40 miles a week with 2-3 speed sessions but its not marathon training . If I use this training as a base can I get myself to 3 hour marathon standard in 8 weeks based on me being a 36 min 10k runner?


  • Berlin (September), which I'm doing... not sure about UK ones though... Abingdon was flat but sure it's been called off now... errr... Robin Hood is pretty flat I think... might give that a go.

    If youre a 36 minute 10ker then you have the basic speed and a 1:23 half, you have the stamina, but you need around 8-10 weeks of long runs and decent work before attempting a sub 3. No reaosn why not though...

  • Would you travel abroad? Eindhoven in Holland is pancake flat, well organised and, being Dutch the organisers are fluent in English and will sort everything out by email (that's always been my experience of racing in the Netherlands). Plus Ryanair fly there for peanuts.
  • Berlin IS flat and fast

    BUT, it was MIGHTY hot last year (26-27 degrees) - making yesterday's FLM seem quite cool!
  • I like the sound of Eindhoven as its only 3 hours drive away what month is that? So Pug you think I might be able to do it on 8-10 weeks of long runs? I can manage that.
  • I'm doing Berlin too this year :o) Can't wait!

    I have another question about Good for Age - do you know if they take your "gun time" or your "chip time" into account? Berlin's going to be busy, so if it's chip time then I have a remote chance, but gun time then I can forget it!

    Good luck finding the right course & getting your time, Mark!
  • Berlin is about as big as London - 30,000 i think, BUT seems MUCH less congested - very well organised and very little 'hold up' after crossing the line - got into my stride and pace very quickly, as very wide roads, so accomodating everyone well.

    For GFA - chip time counts.
  • I have heard that Leicester is worth a go
  • I just found out that Eindhoven is the 15th oct so just past the london deadline I think unless anyone knows differently? Anyone know what the deadline is for london?
  • Go for Berlin.

    It is flat, fast & well -organised. Last year`s temperatures were unusual. It`s generally quite a bit cooler. It`s a fun marathon too. Lots of support, free beer afterwards and a fascinating city. Flights to Berlin are very cheap. Last year I booked a private apartment about 300 yds from the start/finish.Can`t recall what I paid but it was pretty reasonable.
  • ... and, look what starts the day after the marathon!

  • I would recommend Amsterdam - mid October. Not sure if qualifying but a nice event, flat course and good weather...
  • Isn't October too late to qualify for next years FLM?
  • Well Amsterdam sounds good but its still mid October and I dont know the latest I can give in an entry for london. Can anyone tell me if the latast to register as an auto qualifier is the same as the normal application cut off? If so what is it?

    By the way Berlin sounds good but due to a few
    problems with the German court system I am not able to go there.

  • Berlin - excellent pen/starting system.

    Puts London to shame......and many others......
  • Mark,

    GFA cut off was end of 1st week in October for this year - imagine it will be same for next. Give FLM office a call to confirm though.

    (I managed to get GFA on the weekend before cut off, and had to get a form sent out, filled in, and sent back in a week.)

    BTW the Normandy marathon which I did my time in isn't on this year, otherwise I'd suggest you go for that.

    The other tip from me if you're serious about doing it this way is to have 2 races in mind. I went for Wolverhampton in September, with Normandy a month later as reserve- good job too as I picked up an injury at Wolverhampton, so failed miserably to get enywhere near 3hrs, then with some physio work and rest I managed to retain enough fitness to produce the goods a month later.

    Good Luck
  • search for: "Arthur's marathon page". or marathonguide.com

    There is also "Jeremy's eclectic marathon page" but it is a bit out of date.

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