DVD of Marathon Coverage

I have recorded the marathon, the highlights and some programme about it that was on last Friday.

If anyone wants a copy, chip in minimally £5 to VICTA and I will post you a copy.

I am paying for postage / production costs myself and all money goes to supporting blind children's charity VICTA.

When you email me, via the 'email me' function on Runners World make sure you tell me what name you donated under, your name, your address and your email address.



  • Thanks for the couple of donations so far people.

    I am having an easy day today as I am bit cream crackered after yesterday.

    Someone has asked when I am likely to start sending them out, will prob be from tomorrow.

    Thanks again :-)


  • I also should have finish line DVD's recorded off the web in best quality available. Asked my mate to record it for me and he tells me it was a success.

    If you are interested in this with your FLM DVD chip in an extra £3 and let me know your finish time gun to end. If you want one of these it might take a week as my mate is off to Istanbul on business in the morning and I can't pop round his house tonight as he lives in Brighton.

    For you to know, I am not the bloke who is selling finish line DVD's by the hour on eBay for £11.
  • Alex,

    I take it this is the BBC1 full live program, I never bothered recording it, cos what's the chances of seeing yourself etc,and apparently I was on it twice! If it's the one I want, £5 welsh pounds are on their way mate

    Mike w
  • Please may I have a little copy my little Welsh Legend oh and one for Greeny as well:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Will pay up when I see you!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • So with the finish line DVDs, we get to see ourselves crossing the line? Is it from the interactive feed?

  • ZF - It is from the interractive feed and you should see yourself crossing the line.

    No probs Poppy, one for you and Greeny, will bring them in to the shop on Sat.

  • ZF - I guess unless you finished behind a really really fat bloke and you are really tiny ;-)
  • Awesome! Bunged you a couple of extra quid because it's for charidee.
  • Hi everyone. Welsh Alex offered the same service after last year’s marathon. I donated to his charity and received excellent quality DVD’s. So if your are thinking about getting some, then what are you waiting for. . . Go for it! ! ! :-)
  • Thanks Alex, you have mail.

  • I think I have replied to all the mail I have had so far. Thanks for the endorsement Darrell. Your bung is in the a brown envelope in the usual location ;-)
  • Thank you for the video offer.

    If possible would alos appreciate finish line video for 2:55 to 3:00 hours.

    Best of luck with your charity.
  • Whoops! Did you mean to put your address on www? RW might delete it for you if you ask nicely.

  • Got your details Windmiler, and your donation (thnaks).
  • Yes please to both.

    I will donate now!
  • Alex, am very interested in this, but could you tell me how late the interactive finish line coverage goes up to? My chip time is 5hours40 mins and 10 secs, and the clock said just over 6 hours when I crossed the line.

  • My mate recorded it for me. From what he told me yesterday he recorded to whenever the BBC stopped broadcasting it which would have been 6 hrs +. He has however gone to Istambul on business today and I won't be getting the master disks off him until he gets back so can't give a difinitive answer.
  • Great idea Alex. donation and mail sent

  • Thanks Mike.
  • Hi Welsh Alex,

    Have you received my donation?

  • Yes, thankyou KTG :-)
  • Alex, so is that 6hrs + clock time I take it?


    But if you find that not to be the case, let me know, as I'd love to see it.

  • There is some bloke who recorded it selling them on ebay for £12 + 1.50 p&p. His coverage goes to 6:14 which must have been when the BBC stopped doing it, so I guess you should be fine Beckstrous as it is the same coverage my mate Jon recorded.
  • I'd love to see myself cross the finish line, but i don't know what time the clock said when i crossed the finish.

    Is there anyway i can find out?

    Will the offical photo's show the clock time? if so, i can order a copy from you Welsh once i know.

    my chip time was 5.37, and i guess it took me at least ten minutes to reach the start line, so am i likely to have been recorded ?
    How many minutes of the finish do you put on the disk??
  • Hi Alex

    Have just donated and sent you e-mail. Please can you let me know that you receive?

    Great Idea. My flatmate 'recorded' the coverage but it didn't work!

  • Official photo will show clock time if clock is visible. Following my reasoning above I should be getting coverage thru to 6:14.

    My mate reckons that the coverage goes over 3 DVD's of the finish so there would be quite a bit on each. I would only send out the one you would be on.

  • SS, thanks, it has just come thru. What time did you finish in so I know which finish DVD to send ?
  • I sent you an e-mail through 'e-mail me' section of this web site - did it not come through?! I finished in 3:48:24 on chip timing, and it took me 3 to 4 minutes to get across start line.

    If you didn't get e-mail, i will need to give you delivery address etc


  • I have the email, it didn't have the time in it or your address for that matter.

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