How too improve half marathon times

I have just completed London and enjoyed the experience but now want to drop back down to halfs due to time pressure, the problem is that as part of my training I broke my PB by 13mins and came down to 1.44. I dont want to go backwards and even a 1 second improvement in a race during the year would be fine. I followed the 3 day FIRST prog which ment lots of speed and tempo runs at faster than most training progs. I want to carry on running 3 times a week and was thinking of doing the speed/tempo similar to the plan plus 6-10 weekly as long run plus 13 or more once a month to keep stamina levels up. Does this sound sensible?


  • Yes that's similar to the schedule in Richard Nerurkar's book for the schedule based on 3 times a week training,

    good luck
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