does the timex gps watch thing intefere with HRM's - my sony radio does !


  • RC? Where are you? Timex and GPS ping ping
  • No it doesn't, well at least not in my experience.

  • i quite fancy one - just need to convince myself that i REALLY need one!
  • <Timex alert!...Timex alert!>

    I've worn my Polar HRM at the same time as the SDM on a couple of occasions, with no obvious problem (apart from feeling a bit silly having two watches on).

  • Just ask RC... he can sell ice to the eskimos as far as the Timex GPS goes.. and no the GPS will not interfere with the HRM... In fact, if you wait a while you may be able to get an all-in-one system... I think Timex are releasing the next generation of the GPS system in June or somewhere around there...
  • Damn, RC just beat me to it... I knew he was lurking around somewhere..

    By the way Neil, I use my Timex on ALL my runs and find it invaluable in logging up the miles... It's WELL worth it...

  • Well done StevieBoy, you're getting the hang of it.
  • RC - looks like you have another one follow you in all posts about timex. First Muzzer, now StevieBoy.

    Any updates on the combi-system?
  • I've had a good teacher...
  • RC do you know about the new unit coming out this summer from Timex for using both HRM and GPS ?
  • I always run with both an HRM and the Timex SDM. I just tell myself that the two watch look is cool...

    The new unit from Timex is called BodyLink - and it integrates existing Timex SDMs and HRMs, so if you buy now you're not wasting your money. There's a press release here and a photo here.

  • Venom, RC's gonna be real p*ssed that you answered before him !!!
    I've seen the unit and it's very nice indeed, also the software for the pc is pretty special
    For those with the cash, its a must.
  • I'm hanging on to my dosh till the combined unit comes out!!!
  • Can you imagine it when the combined unit comes out... everybody'll be running round looking like the beginnings of a robot.. there'll be a strap here and a strap there and then there's the watch, and the data collector and gawd knows what

  • Yeah, Kwel :-)
  • Has anyone had problems setting the zone alerts on Timex?
  • YES JH - I had to quit my first run 'cause I had all the pace/speed settings mixed up - DUH!
    Wonder where RC is....taking unusually long time to find this thread....
  • I'm trying to wean myself off SDM postings, Bugmond. The reason I've not contributed to this one is that I need to prove to myself that I can allow a Timex SDM thread to exist without me posting on it.

  • Too late my friend!..he, he...
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