Diet Coke East Kilbride Half Marathon



  • Hi SH - pretty good - everyone really friendly so i have joined and will soon be bedecked in lovely burgundy and orange like the rest. Missed this week due to niggles in my knees but hoping to be back next week and get some training in before this race.
  • Anyone want my number and entry for this, just had some bad family news and now can't make it. Anyone interested drop me a mail........

  • Does anyone have any idea where the course goes between the 11 & 12 mile markers? Not too obvious from the map on the website...
  • Eventually decided to do this - my first race since Edin marathon. Don't know how well I will do as I have been doing little running since then.
  • Hello
    I am hoping to run this on sunday - not terribly fit at the moment so hoping to run it as a training run. Any info about the course? Also - what is the weather supposed to be on sunday?
  • Have only managed 3 long runs since the Edinburgh half in April so will treating this as an easy training run and also gain a bit more experience of competitions.

    Just got my race pack does the park and ride system work well for spectators as well as competitors?
  • I'm doing the 10k, if I can stop sneezing long enough to get round. How many tissues can a girl stuff down her knicks!
    SH - Sorry to hear you're not going to make it, hope all OK. Was looking forward to seeing if I recognised anyone here. I'll be the one with the very red nose and streaming eyes!
  • I've signed up for this and am looking forward to getting to the finish line!! Its my first half marathon (will no doubt be at the back dying on my legs!!) and even though i love running i'm somehow not looking forward to it.......any inspiration to get me motivated much appreciated!!

    I've done the route a couple of times and it is DULL DULL DULL!! but fairly flat!

  • KT - Do you women not usually stuff tissues down your bra..? I've also entered the Glasgow half if you want to meet at that....


  • Well, SH, have been known to do that, but generally feel I have enough stuffed down my bra!!!!
  • LOL....

    Hope its not black eye sindrom
  • SH, only avoided through carefully thought out 'scaffolding' and copious amounts of lycra!

    Actually, have got a black eye at the moment (first ever!) due to my other sporting (I use the term loosely) interest as a fighting woman. Has been a bit difficult to explain at work. It's now an attractive shade of yellow.
  • Good luck for tomorrow! Weather is looking much better than expected - just the chance of a wee coolong shower - ideal!
  • Enjoyed the race even though it wasn't the most scenic. Though it was very well
    organised and I got a pb of 2hrs 6min
  • Agree GG, it was well organised. No PB for me, still suffering from hay fever and had been at a (very sober) birthday 'do' the night before, but enjoyed it.
  • Well done everyone........

    KT = you doing glasgow half....?

  • Well, I am intending to. Will need to get my lardy a*** into gear and up my mileage a bit though! Away to Espana next week then four weeks off work when come back - ideal opportunity! People of Uddy beware! You are doing it, aren't you?
  • I thought it was really well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed it - especially running round the track at the end - first time on a track EVER for me! No PB, but I have been really tired and training has been sporadic since Edin mara. Need to get some faster miles into the legs before I race again.

    Weather window was really fortunate - that was the first race this year I have done that it didn't rain (or sleet, or snow, or be windy!).
  • Yes, I'm on holiday first 2 weeks in July, when I come back it will give me 7 weeks to the race........

    What time you planning.?
  • Oh, SH, how cruel you are, now I have to admit publicly how sloooooooow I really am!

    On Sunday at EK, the guy who won the 1/2 (I can only gaze in awe and admiration!) passed by me at 8k. I had to ask one of the policemen if I was actually still moving, and in the right direction. He said I was doing OK, but he was laughing.

    (Shudders as horrible memory of Cambuslang at Hogmanay also resurfaces)

    Anyway, did Glasgow 1/2 two years ago in about 2.20, would be happy to be thereabouts again.

    And you? Shouldn't we be on some other thread about this - think there was one for GSR?
  • Second time doing this race and as before it was a well run event - congrats to the race team.

  • True! lets move over.......

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