Now what???

So i've done the FLM in 4hours 20 (should have been quicker according to training but it was quite warm). Before this i've done several 10k's and 2 half marathons but what do i need to do now to maintain the level i've achieved. I don't have time to keep running 5 times a week and i can't commit to joining a club so how many runs and how far do people recommend? I'm 49 now so i've left it a little too late to break any records.


  • So .......

    beer, fags and pies it is then !

    Perhaps have a time and motion man come round your gaff for a week and work out how many runs you can fit in.

    I work over 70 hours a week and still manage about 6 runs.
  • Maybe you can manage because you have no mates alex and with your attitude i can't say that i am suprised. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Hey, you are right about the friends. That's why I am on here a lot. In any case that post does read not as well as I had intended, so my apologies for that. Good luck.
  • James, whatever you do don't stop trainig. What on earth do you do that keeps you at work for 70 hours a week :0(

    Target a race 6 to 8 weeks in the future. You have just built an incredible endurance base so with one longish run a week, one tempo run a week and say a speed session and you will be able to take advantage of all the training you have completed before FLM.

    Be careful about still eating the same volume of "fuel" post FLM - your body will no longer require all those calories.

    Well done for getting round FLM in what were very hard conditions.

  • Alex: i thought your post was quite obvious tongue in cheek and didn't at all deserve the response it got. x

  • Well, I could have qualified it really. And he doesn't know me so I think that was a fair reply Namaste.

    In any case, maybe James can train shorter and harder, less times and watch his diet meticulously.
  • Sorry i was a bit snappy Alex i should probably go for a run!!! Thanks for the other stuff soda i've never used used these threads before but so far so good
  • Funny this post marathon Hiatus! I can only think it's like baby blues (but I've never given birth) Well being a bloke it's kinda difficult ;0)
  • You need to go to Race The Train, in Tywywn.

    It's full weekend's fun, and an absolute blast. August. Take the family, and some food.

    Incomparable fun.
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