Registration Instructions

Great news - my registration instructions came this morning!!


  • well done Ginger.. you got in there first! Your not whats-his-name from Big Brother are you??
  • boing!
  • Mands, nope, Im not the whats-his-name from Big Brother. I've got a Big Brother if that helps though!!!!?

    Anyone else got their pack through? It makes it all seem that bit more real!!
  • Although I have completed 5 Londons I missed last year's because of injury. Could anyone please remind me whether we get any registration documentation/directions etc. I am sure I received some info for previou years. All I have at present is an acceptance form. Many Thanks - Wyn
  • No. I wamt mine NOW or I might cry.

    Cant be in alphabetic order but could be in postcode (mailsort) to think of ways of working out how I will know when I get my info.
  • Yep, you get a registration form that you have to take along when you collect your running number at the London Arena during registration.

    This also confirms your running number so you can work out where you will be starting.
  • Please up date numbers and estimated times on the URWFRc website so we know when to to expect you at the 18 mile marker and what number you will be very important
  • Not too much time left now to receive registration docs. I guess it will be similar to previous years when we could register and collect our numbers for the week before the big day - 7 to 12 Apr
  • Do you have to start at different points then according to your number???? I was planning on running with friends, does that mean I cant???? PLUS do all finishers get a medal?
  • I'm running on a charity entry... will my info get sent to the charity, or direct to me?
  • Did anyone get a letter from the London marathon before their registration pack containing information about applying for the London Marathon credit card because I did and I threw it away. I hope that it didn't contain my registration docs. I don't think it did.
  • Gav, I received the same letter and got very excited thinking it was registration docs, your ok there was nothing other than the credit card bumph.
  • don't think so,gav,i went through that envelope trying to find something of value,but nothing doing...i was a rejected ballot punter though,i'm running for macmillan..
  • Cheers boys, for a second there when I read about Ginger Runners excitment at receiving her pack I got a little concerned. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  • Gav, you've just changed my sex!! Ah well, worse things could happen.......

  • I don't think you can work out where you'll be starting from just your running number. For example, last year I was number 37341, and started in the blue start pen 3, but it wasn't until I registered and got my number that I knew which pen.
    Last year I got my pack on Friday 13th March.
  • To answer the question earlier, can I run with amtes, well, if you get a higher pen number than your mates, you can go back into their pen, but they can't go forward into yours. That's asssuming you are on the same start. (Red, Green or Blue). The marshalls do check your pen number and won't let you go in a faster one.
  • Duh! Amtes means mates...
  • Fiona, yep - you're right. You can tell the colour of the start you are at from your number, but the pen number is stuck on your actual running number I think.
  • Sorry Ginger Runner. No harm meant
  • Gav, no worries, no harm felt!!
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