Runners' rituals

Some strange ones appeared at the marathon, so I wondered if anyone would like to share their neurotic pre-race routines?

Mine probably warrant psychiatric investigation, but here's some of the less weird to start it off:
Can only wear two colours, i.e. white and black.
Bottoms /shorts have to be black.
I have to 'click' my upper vertebrae beforehand.
Have to do a certain number of leg and hip mobilisations, 20 on each leg, to be precise.
One shoe always get re-tied once they're both on, whether it needs it or not.

Over to you...


  • I have a lucky headband.
  • And I do that re-tying shoes thing too.
  • Always same breakfast - porridge, 2 cups of tea and half a mars bar and always my left shoe on first.

    Always protein drink straight afterwards and in the same bottle - if its not in teh same bottle it doesnt work as well (WHAT?!?!?!)

    My pre race isnt so bad - its more my usual running thats mad. I have to run on certain sides of the road on different roads or it just feels wrong! My training partner is thankfully now used to this and even senses when I want to change sides! Even new roads we havent run on before have a right and wrong side - bizarre!
  • Before every race, I always cast my eyes around the totty also running.
  • I do that too coops.
  • Me three Coops.

    I also like to have a haircut before a race...partially to look less bad, also to lose a few grams of weight!
  • back when i ran for my schhol and even football for them, i always had to put my right sock on first, but then left shoe first. now im not bothered the order of socks, but left shoe is a must

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Always visit the toilet 3 times in the hour before the race, even if I don't need it!
  • Wear socks inside out.
  • I coat myself in swarfega, slap my ass cheeks and jump in the nearest river.
  • Only kidding. Only ritual is to always use the same tin for carrying safety pins, vaseline etc in. If I get a medal I put it in the tin on the way home.
  • I always put my hair in bunches.
  • I loosen up as much as possible

    and its never enough.
  • I wear my wife's knickers. Oh sorry, that's another ritual.
  • I never run without my red Geoff Thomas wristband. Not so much superstition but more to remind myself of how I was inspired to run and never to give up.

    Oh, and my pre-race Lucky Pee.
  • Gotta shave my legs!
  • I'm another who pre-ties their shoe-laces, usually on the warm up, for no apparent reason.
    Like to have hard house tunes on and up really loud in the car, on the way there, to get the adrenalin flowing.
    Will have a few chunks of dairy milk half and hour before the start
    I'll be wearing my lucky race shorts, with freshly shaved legs.
  • blimey I'm boring. I used to consider myself fairly obsessional, but I don't seem to really have any running rituals.
  • Get there early and change, then I have a bout of nervous No.2's, (not what I normally call them).
  • Coffee x 2
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