sit on or hang off?

I'm planning to buy a towbar mounted bike rack.- It probably needs to carry 2 bikes.-
I'm fairly sure I've read that Thule is the way to go.- But I'm not sure which is the better sort/model?

Comments anyone?


  • My bike goes in the car, I used my bike rack once and spent more time worrying about it falling off / being hit by road debris than I did paying attention to the road.

    Not good really.

    Sorry, not a lot of help there.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Thule aren't the only brand about but they are probably the brand leader - go do a google search on bike racks...

    towbar mounted are probably more stable than any other form of rear mount but there's little to choose between them in reality

    loads here
  • Thanks:
    it has to be towbar mounted.- we have a coupe which can't be fitted with a roof rack, and has n't got space inside.- And alex feels the same way about it that you lot feel about your bikes he's not really up for the sort you strap to the boot ;-)
    And no suggestions we swap it for something more bike friendly please..

    So that seems to leave me with something like

    this where you hang the bike from it. or this
    where you stand the bike on it

    And Im wondering which would be least bad for the bikes.
  • Dont think it really matters that much LP - Just make sure the bikes are secure and have some pipe lagging if it looks like anything could move.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    personally, I'd go with the latter lp - it sort of makes more sense to me that the bikes will be more stable if the wheels are both strapped in...........but as Cougs says, there's probably not much in it
  • Ok, thanks guys.-
    Just wanted to be sure there weren't strong opinions either way before I forked out.-
  • I bought a Thule 970-3 (about halfway down on this page). Works a treat - got 2 mtbs plus kids bike down to Devon (from Hertfordshire via Birmingham). I did have to take the front wheel off my mtb as it was too near the road.

    Also remember you'll need to get a light board so factor this into your budget.
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