Am I mad???

All day at work I've been Googling Golden Bond places, as I sooooo want to run next year, when I can properly train (if the mrsa really has gone and I don't need ANOTHER operation).

I felt a proper down a few days after the marathon, but now I'm all motivated again, planning sponsorship, training etc.

Just can't believe we can only apply in August though, it's so faaaaaaaar away :o(


  • I have already agreed to run for a charity in 08
  • i will be there
    whats mad about it
  • See you there PH.

    So looking forward to being able to run without pain.
  • Waiting until August?! You should try waiting from NOW! I have a deferred place, and have already planned races until January!(sad, but optimistic!)
    Watched this years race with mixed emotions. Sorry/glad I wasn't there! Still get excited at the memory of 2005. Walking through the gate into the park and hearing the announcer say in a dramatic voice 'This IS Greenwich,this IS the Red Start,this IS the FLORA LONDON MARATHON!

    Bring it on! See you there.
  • Going to meet with my local hospice today to beg for a place for next year! Not too early to be thinking about it - just the right time to start training and do yourself justice.

    Go for it!
  • On the Sunday evening and Monday, I said 'never again'. Tuesday, a blur due to a day at thorpe park, my first beer in a couple of months and scareing myself silly.

    Wednesday, thought, 'actually...i want to beat that time - the sun wasn't kind to me on sunday. Lets start a rain dance'.

    Thursday blanket e-mailed a load of charities.

    Friday had a place with a charity whith whom i've sponsored a child for the past 5 years.

    Bring on FLM 2008!
  • ROFL,LF! Aint that always the way? This damned running bug; there's no cure for it!
    The symptoms just get worse once there's a pb to train for!
  • The worst thing is that i'd written a thank you e-mail to all my sponsors on the monday stating 'never again'.

    I'm now having to justify why I've now signed up again.

    The accused symptoms are ranging from madness - lunacy - stupdity...

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    I didn't think people got their places with charities this early!! I didn't run this year and really missed it on the day (glad I wasn't there in that heat though!!). Decided I was definitely going to do it next year and already know who I want to run for, they are one of the expensive charities but I want to raise money for them so that will make me more determined.

    I had better get my email into them immediately :)

  • So are people saying that now is the time to be asking charities if you can run for them?

  • Some wrote saying they allocated their places in dates ranging from August to December (how late is december? not much time for fundraising!).

    But many are already recruiting - they'll all say (naturally) that you should reply through the ballot anyway.

    if i get in on the ballot, then all the better! :-)
  • Hi Dan

    Absolutely - give them a go. The place to get all the charities e-mails is here:
  • I would assume so. Most of the established charities will know if they have places for next year already, and will take your early enquiry as a good thing (longer to fund raise!).
    I'm with you on the sub4 thing,Kevster,AND the weight loss thing!
  • cheers - I'll get emailing!
  • First FLM and I want to do it again in 08! Like everyone, frustrated by the heat and came in more than half an hour later than I know I could have done if the weather had been kinder. No guaratntees though - could be even hotter next year...
  • My theory, is that hindsight is a wonderful thing, and we can only learn from experience.

    I'll be going into the FLM 08, knowing exactly what i did right (in 07), and what i did wrong.... what to expect, and what to avoid!

    So even if it is hot, i'll know what to do!

  • ...yes, I'll try to do at least part of my training in the Sahara!
  • Gutted - Just been to my local hospice who I ran for this year to try and get two places for next year - they've already promised them to other people!!!

    They've put me and my friend down for 1st refusal, and are telling everyone to apply via ballot - hopefully someone (or two people) will get a ballot place (or drop out) then we can run again.

    Could look for other charities, but dont really want to at this stage, my loyalty to the North Devon Hospice is huge, for personal reasons. May have to look elsewhere later in the year though if no other option, but not yet.

    Best thing is to just train regardless, as if I have a place, then even if I dont run, at least I'll be fit.
  • Definately.. lol

    As i crossed the finish line this year, i'd already decided that regardless, i will be back in 2008...

    My friends said "glad its over!?".. i replied "over!?, it's just getting started!!!"

    I WILL shave at least an hour off my time...

  • Thats the spirit,Joe.
    Kevster, have you tried 'Help The Hospice'. They were a designated charity either this year or last.
  • No, havent tried any other charity yet. To be honest, I just assumed I'd be ok, so todays news was a shock! They are the charity I feel I want to support, so will see what happens before changing to another, but I must admit, I did see lots of Help the Hospice shirts this year, need to find out more about what they do (i.e. do they donate money to all hospices?).

    Thanks for the idea, will look into it.
  • Children With Leukaemia seem to be generous with their places, and they have a big team - 1300 this year I think, although don't know how many golden bonders.
  • Have emailed Help the Hospices to ask if any of the money they raise will goto my local hospice, reading their website vaguely implies it will - which I'd be happy with.

    I know its too early to worry about securing a place yet - after all, I may get in via the ballot (and win the lottery at the same time!) but knowing you've got a place helps with motivation.
  • They don't cover all hospices. I wanted to run for my local childrens hospice through them, but it wasn't on their list. I'm currently hoping to run a few events this year for Demelza House in Kent, which is the childrens hospice used by some of my patients. The plan is to also run for them with my place for next year.
    You could try looking at it the other way, of course. Log on to justgiving, and see if they have the hospice of your choice on their list. At least you'll know where your money's going if you get a ballot place.
  • Just been on the FLM site, and the countdown clock for next year has started already!
  • I noticed that a couple of days ago. Only a matter a time till i say 'oh poo" - only a month to go? how did that happen?'
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