Sacro-iliac joint suggestion

This is a suggestion for anyone who is suffering with SI joint trouble and finding it hard to shake. Someone in a thread here had heard that sitting on a gym ball could help. I can confirm that this completely solved the problem for me when nothing else did. I sit on it all day at work, after 3 weeks intractable symptoms had all but disappeared. I'd gradually gone from olympic distance tri training and half marathon distance running down to nothing at all over 7 months whilst I tried to get rid of it. But I've finally been able to start bike training again without symptoms recurring. Planning to add in a basic running programme next month. I thought I would post in case others would benefit from this experience. Oh and my posture has improved - someone asked me last week if I do ballet!


  • Posture is definitely the way to go with SI problems ....... sadly I cant use a gym ball at work

    Pilates and core work is essential
  • Silly question..but how did you sit on it ? I assume you were able to have your feet on the floor to balance ? I tried one for watching television but wasn't sure it was doing anything. I do have a wave form stool ( 3 legged stool on rockers ) and reading about your success with the ball made me realise I'm not really sitting on it in the way it is designed to thanks..I shall be trying to improve on this and see what happens !
  • Sorry I've been a bit slow in replying. I wear a pair of my old running shoes when I sit. I find when the ball is pumped up properly it is the right height for sitting at the computer ok. I use a 65cm ball as I am a shortie. I sit square on it just like you would for basic core manouveres. I started simply as a desperate attempt for pain relief. It does not really feel like it is mobilising it at all during the day, but clearly it just starts to strengthen and test the core a little. I was using it for watching TV in the evening but now I can sit up on the sofa without a problem. Up to an hour on the bike now, 3 times a week, no problem. A day on a lousy office chair might set things off a bit but now the bike helps rather than hinders. As for using balls at work - apparently this is very popular in Australia and in the offices at Google (but they are all a bit weird). Anyway - I got clearance from my boss to introduce some gym ball goodness in our office in the interests of worker health and safety!
  • and since in that long ramble i neatly neglected the original question - yes, my feet are on the floor. the shoes grip and keep me stable. i do some stretches in the day which include taking my feet off the floor. and yes - core is very important, probably in this situation because it was the least attended to part of my training schedule. a costly mistake that i won't repeat.
  • I have had SI joint problems and also can't use a ball at work but I use a "SitFit" cushion on my office chair, which mimics the ball. I've used it for a year and think its great and it allows me to move around in my seat and helps with posture, though when I first got it leaning over to get something out of the bottom drawer in my desk almost resulted in a few on the floor moments.
  • That's a great idea. And less controversial than balls rolling around the office. I will look into getting one for my regional office!
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