Medoc marathon

I noticed that a few people have done the marathon du medoc in previous years. A group of us have entered for this september's event but are having HUGE problems getting accommodation.
One of the issues is that seeing as this is a drinking as well as running/shuffling marathon, we can hardly drive to/from the start, so we really want somewhere either in the town of Pauillac itself or on the train line.
Any suggestions? Please?


  • You may have left it too late for Paulliac - I couldn't find a room there back in February.

    Try the Office du Tourisme in towns along the train route, or google Chambres de Hotels and the town names.

    There as a campsite at Paulliac, if you're into camping, but that may be full now.

    There is another thread on here about this race, so feel free to join us ' target='_blank' rel="nofollow">there.
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