Great Cumbrian Run Half-Marathon

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I know its ages away but we had a thread on this last year and I really enjoyed the race. Anyone else entered yet?


  • may be ready for that meself Jens:O)
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    Really hoosie? That would be absolutely great!!! Its a really nice race, very friendly and the funrun and wheelchair thing before the half make it super accessible. Can't praise it enough really. Bit of a long way to go but definitely worth it.
  • love it around there anyway -tother 1/2 may be on hols too. I worked it out that it is poss to do 1/2 then. Would be nice to meet you there:O)
  • Is it flat?
  • i entered it a few weeks ago so i'll hopefully have a nice low number this year

    i should beat my time of 2:18 from last year as that was my first ever race, not sure if i'll beat my current PB of 2:05 as i have the Dartmoor Vale Marathon the week after so i'll not be pushing it too hard.

    as for is it flat well it is mostly flat with a few points of climbs which you also have to go down so they kind of cancel each other out ;)

    i would say the climb back up out of rickerby park at the end is probably the worst spot and its not that long
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    I'm hoping to be on the first line of the t-shirt Keith!

    Yes, that climb back up at the end is a bit of a swine come to think of it, but as you say, not that long.
  • Get in, its back on the forum thread.

    Aye im in again,4th time for me.Cracking half marathon,gets better each year.There were quite a few of us who met up before last years run.
    There was a lad called 'Millsy' who organised the meeting point last year.Hopefully he'll be back again and do the honours.
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    I remember Millsy - never actually met him though. Yeah, we should all meet up beforehand, that would be great.

    Was your thread last year Mick, beat you to it!
  • Aye jennsie you beat me to it.Not to worry,just glad its back.

    There were a few of us who met up last year opposite the entrance to the stadium.
  • I'll probably be last but who cares:O)
  • Give ower hoose.You'll do canny.
  • hope so:O-
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    You won't be last hoose - last year there were lots of people slower than me and I'm a snail!
  • mm -9 min miling for me these days:o( -Used to do sub 8 years ago.
  • got some fat to lose believe me:o-
  • 9 min mile is still canny.
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    I can't run a 9 minute mile Hoose, especially not over half marathon distance! So you'll definitely be in front of me.

    I did achieve my goal of a sub-28 minute 5k yesterday though, so go me!
  • yippeee! the forum's started. I'm in for this again.get the forms off soon.

    Raced yesterday 15k in 1:22 I was really pleased with that so hopefully a good time for this race with more training.
  • Evening all

    you are all doing well with running at the moment.
    Im taking things nice and easy for a couple of weeks.Did the FLM in that heat last month.Took quite a bit out of me so taking recovery nice and steady.
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    Hi PH!

    Mick, I did FLM as well. Don't think I can have tried hard enough because I was fine pretty quickly afterwards! Were you pleased with your time?
  • Jennsie-well done on doing the FLM.Sounds like you had a wee bit more in your tank if you recovered ok afterwards.
    My time was 5hrs,a full hour slower than what I trained for.The heat knackered me.I was glad to get round ok.I did Abingdon marathon last October in 4hrs and felt great after that run.
    What about yourself?
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    Well a lot slower Mick, 5.56, but it was my first marathon and after I'd let go of any ambition to do a better time/run all the way etc I just walked and ran round and really enjoyed myself.
  • hello

    i've not long signed up for this first half marathon! And nobody worry about being last...i may have the honour! Did first 10K in 1:15 on Sunday which equates to 12.5min mile!!! Not fussed about speed though...i'll be happy enough to cross the finishing line in one piece!
  • Hello all; I'm moving up to jolly old Newcastle in September, so I figure this'll be a perfect nearby (ish) race. Certainly a lot nearer than Sheffield where I currently live!

    Does require a significant amount on planning ahead; how quickly will this one fill up?
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    I don't think it was full last year Bunnyphobia, though it got up to 1,750 or so. Think they want to get 2,000 this year. Its a great race, you'll enjoy it!
  • Hi, folks
    Will be back again with friend and training partner, Pengwyn.
    Third shot at this race.
    It's a cracker.
  • Ditto to jennsie's comments, BunnyPhobia
    I'm not sure there weren't entries on the day last year.
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    Hi XL-man, glad you're doing this one again. A penguin and a camel! Excellent.

    I think that's right, I'm sure people were entering on the day. Not sure I'd risk that myself, as there are a lot of people around due to the fun run before the half. And you won't get your name on the t-shirt!
  • I'm jealous. I did this as my first half last year but its the week after what will be my second marathon so I'll be giving it a miss.

    Really well run day - the piper, the wheelchair race, parking, fun run, facilities etc.

    Course itself is reasonable enough. A couple of slight hills and the one from the park is the worst but nothing too terrible at all. Finishing in the stadium with the excellent crowd was great - do a sprint finish and bask in the applause.
  • Hello all!

    I'm another thats already entered for this (again!!) Its been such a great race for the last two years that I've taken annual leave for the weekend just so's I can be there again this year!!

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