• Yes, an interesting read.

    times article
  • Oh it's about hyponatraemia..
    <pours another glass of wine>
  • good article.
  • yes, quite well written that is
  • wonder if the drinks manufacturers will re-consider what they put in their energy drinks?

    maybe race organisers could hand out crisps in a marathon, would make a change.
  • very interesting
  • Im glad YOU said that Happycat, and not me


    Mind you, theres not much salt in crisps these days
  • Hippo I did notice Walkers saying on their crisps they had reduced the salt.

    Doesn't the body just dispose of any excess salt?
  • well, yeah, it does

    but chronic salt overload over a long period of time is linked to high blood pressure
    still think we should be given the choice

  • In the stockholm marathon organisers had a table handing out salted Gerkins during the 2nd half, like the idea about crisp.
  • a gherkin might go down quite nicely in a marathon
  • Hippo no gherkin will be going into my mouth during the Stockholm Marathon.

    What about salt tablets, worthwhile?
  • When I was a lad (showing my age here) crisps used to come with a little packet of salt which you could add or not to your taste. Maybe we don't need crisps but a table in marathons that hand out the little packets of salt.
  • Happycat

    quite a lot of the ultra people and ironman lot take salt tablets

    Michael-but that takes all the FUN out of it;)
  • micheal I remember the little blue packets of salt you used to get in crisps, but then you didn't really get flavoured crisps then.

    Usually after a marathon I don't want to even look at anything sweet so it would make a change to get something salty during a marathon.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    "quite a lot of the ultra people and ironman lot take salt tablets"

    they tend not to be just sodium though (but I guess you know that Hipps!) but are the full electrolyte tabs/drinks........

    IM events tend to have an interesting mix of things at the run aid stations from gels and energy drinks to crisps, nuts, bananas, flat Coke etc through to what I think is a life saver - chicken soup (well, more a chicken bouillon)...........when you crave some salt and a change from sweet and sticky gels and energy drinks, the chicken soup gives a real lift.............should be compulsory in marathons!
  • very true Mr Buddha

    i must pack some savoury stuff for this weekend

    there is only so much sugar a body can take!
  • Very interesting.
    i guess that's why the gels are so popular, you get what you need without drinking too much.
  • wow. scary read.

    i don't like the fancy pants drinks and scoff honey whilst out on long ones followed by rinsing my mouth with water.

    anyone else do this? is it ok...perhaps I should have a couple of crisps in my pocket too.
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