Overpronator chance at going pro?

So...I'm an overpronator, and I don't know what to do. Everytime I start running, I get injured, but I don't know if it's because I increase mile too quickly or if it's because I'm an overpronator. I really want to become an olympic athlete,, and I need some advice.


  • pronation is a normal part of gait you need an amount of it to walk or run..... overpronation is where the problem is and this can be controlled using the correct shoes and orthotics, get yourself to somewhere and have a gait/ biomechanical prolifing to find out what is going to work best for you, increasing milage too quickly is bound to increase the chance of injuries but the shoe/ insert combination is equally important
  • If you're otherwise good enough, overpronation won't stop you becoming an olympic athlete :o)
  • Perhaps one of you knowledgable chaps could answer this for me.
    What is the most likely cause of overpronation? Is it a misalignment of the skeleton or some other minor congenital deformation? Is it a learned thing which we carry from the days we learned to walk and run? Or is it a muscular inbalance which could be fixed by either stretching or strengthening the affected muscles?
    Depending which it is maybe us overpronators could throw away our special aids and become "normal" well adjusted runners with a little training.
  • IMO you are born with the same amount of availablbe pronation that you die with....it is in the gene pool, now some people will suffer symptoms or have problems, others will be pain/ problem free for life. Now the fact the human foot was designed to walk barefoot on soft uneven terrain and we put it into flat shoes and walk all day on flat surfaces makes excessive pronation a bit like a repetative strain injury [the foot is constantly trying to adapt to the flat ground]

    now to throw a spanner in the argument........ if your ABductor muscles are weak and the ADductors are tight then this will pull the knee inwards which will increase the effect of the pronation, strengthen the ABductors and stretch the ADductors and you can help the knee to track better and thus remove some of the visible pronation.

    orthotics are best describled to be like reading glasses, they meake your feet FUNCTION better they do not make your feet better, they can/do however reduce the stresses on the various muscles of the foot and this can help recovery from injuries.

    on the other side of the coin there is a 'system' called feldenchist [sp] which aimes to take the body back to the state it was on leaving the womb , before we inflict it to gravity?????

    hope this all makes sense , i am never good at puting this stuff in writing
  • Interesting.. thanks for that footman.
    Looks like the word is feldenkrais - although almost any long word starting with f seems to lead google there eventually.
  • michael davis 4 thats the one:)
  • well I know this is a very old post as here we are in 2012 but I just put feldenkrais into the search to see what came up - if you are still interested all these years later and live in the UK,

     I am doing feldenkrais for runners workshops in crouch end north london in feb 2013. Not sure if its kosha to put details on here so google me and you will find them. It is indeed a fabulous method.

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    How about Fuckaduck!

  • I'd rather not be googling the latter Ric   image

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