I've been getting damn blisters on the arch of my right foot for a few weeks now, for no apperent reason...or so I thought , until now. It did co-inside with a large purchase of special 1000 mile running socks. Lots of padding etc, so I thought couldn't be the probelem. But I noticed there is no inside padding on the arch. So have now bought some Thorlo socks which do. I hope this solves my problem, as £1.00 each for blister plasters is not good.


  • ron hill monos.

    Never failed as normal running sock, fell running sock and even survived some maddness on a mountaian bike that changed the smell and color of them.

    Ron hill I salute you.
  • I Luuuurve my thorlos
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I love my Crane Sports socks from Aldi.
  • 1,000 milers are the only socks that HAVE given me blisters!!!
  • "1,000 milers are the only socks that HAVE given me blisters!!!"

    Very interesting! I can say the same thing.
  • so avoid 1000 mile socks by a couple of miles then? ;)
  • *jen*jen ✭✭✭
    And me! I like hilly monoskins too but my fave socks at the moment are the ones I got from lidl the other day.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I think I get bad blisters as my feet get so hot, what socks are good to stop the sweating?
    tt got to be hilly mono I bet! I got hilly twin skin and they don't work for me, not on the marathon anyway!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Where do you buy your thorlos socks from? I must buy some more soon.
  • I was getting awful blisters, but found the Hilly Twin Skins worked great for me. Big fan now!
  • blisters take 3 things to form heat, moisture and friction...not a lot you can do about the heat your body produces, but you can control the removal of moisture with the correct sock and you can reduce friction with an off the shelf orthotic insert

    i cannot find the link i was looking for right now, but it gives a list of basic physiologies of the foot and a list of sock fibres that work best for them.

    the people who have problems in one type of sock should look at a completely different type of fibre ie merino wool or silk is really good for people with cold or clamy feet as these fibres 'suck' the moisture away from the foot rather than relying on heat as the driving force.

    for people with hot sweaty feet then a thicker sock can help to regulate the temperature and give the sweat somewhere to go wool can work really well for these people too, but some get on well with man made fibres...just AVOID COTTON in anything other than VERY SMALL percentages in socks, cotton is a non intellegent fibre and will hold moisture next to the skin helping to cause the blisters to form
  • Thorlos.
    Asics nimbus [sock, not shoe].

    Or try greasing your foot AND sock at the danger areas.
  • Tracey

    I havent bought any thorlos for about 3 years

    they last forever

    think i bought my last lot at FLM expo;)
  • If you want to try a wool sock then I can recommend Running Bear socks. I use them all year round and have never had a blister when using them, even running miles after paddling through water.
  • I love my Falkes, but after going to Aldi a couple of weeks ago I shall probably never pay more than £1.99 for a pair of socks again. Theirs are excellent :o)

    1000-mile socks are probably the least satisfactory I've ever had. TWO layers to get wrinkled up inside my trainers.
  • Bingo!

    Bought some MORE socks with padding on the arch of my foot and no blisters (at least after 8 miles).

    Thorlo mini crew socks with Coolmax.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I went t k maxx last night, got some socks with wool in and run 5 miles, no rubbing.
    Thanks for that Footman and mr w, I hope they continue to work for me, blisters are an ongoing problem!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I like Thorlos, but must admit my x socks sky runners beat them. I also like the Aldi ones too but they give me blisters on longer runs so am not risking wearing them in my 1st mara in 2 wks time.
  • I've been wearing 1000 mile double skin socks for 2 years - never had a blister, not even in my latest half marathon in 25 degree heat - and I sweated like one of our porcine friends...... Am I the only person who LOVES them???!!
  • Since changing my sock to Thorlos, not blisters at all.
  • I love Twin Skin socks too Petite Oiseau.
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