"Down Tow, Up Flow" Thames Towpath Half-Marathon



  • Great race! Really enjoyed it, a nice friendly atmosphere and great weather conditions and managed a sub 1.53 :)
    I really appreciated the regular water stations and the fact that it was bottled water, that way I could carry it for a while...

    I think the marshalls appeared to be a little inexperienced... noted the guy at mile 8 or 9 couldn't be bothered to look up from his newspaper never mind hand out water bottles! Also the girl on the finish line coudn't keep up with the numbers, hope she got me in the right order as I sprinted like hell to beat some guy! She couldn't have been more than 15-16, perhaps someone a little more experienced at least on the finish line next time?

    Overall though this really was a great race and appreciated the participation of the organisers in this forum and also their email updates regarding the floods. I will deffo be back next year.

    Well done Chris and Claire for organising.
  • Phew- I think the technical term is Ker-nackered and I have no shame in admitting to stopping for the odd minute here and there - Thanks to No 360 for keeping me going at the end - any one have any idea whether and where we can check our times on line?

  • Message for Viktoria- that was really strange that I should ask you who was Viktoria and you were the first person I asked - may I ask your time and whether you developed your customary stitch?
  • Phew- I think the technical term is Ker-nackered and I have no shame in admitting to stopping for the odd minute here and there - Thanks to No 360 for keeping me going at the end - any one have any idea whether and where we can check our times on line?

  • Hi, I went out for a 3 mile run yesterday to test out the ankle and with no problems decided to run today.

    Really enjoyed the race a nice scenic route, and the going wasn't as muddy as I had expected a few puddles and a bit slippy in places but considering the rain we had had not bad at all.

    Apart from a few organising problems that have already been mentioned I think everything went well for a first time event. By the time I got to the Marshall at 8 miles he had finished reading his paper and we had a little chat as I filled up my own water bottle. I hadn't realised I had crossed the finish line and kept running down the funnel then realised the girl that was saying you can stop now was talking to me.

    It was nice to meet Claire at the finish, and I'd like to thank you for putting on the race and keeping us up to date on this thread. I'd also like to thank Chris and all the other marshals for there hard work and giving up their Sunday morning so this race could take place.

    Hope to see you next year.
  • Nice one Purple Patch!

    Thoroughly enjoyable event and congratulations for pulling it off so successfully given the conditions over the last week. The course was beautiful, especially the bit between Cookham and Maidenhead; so quiet and so scenic.

    Not sure how but some of us got lost before mile 1 and ended up doing about an extra half mile but overall it was great and I love the little trophy. Was that you handing out the goody bags Claire? Whoever it was sorry for my cack handed domino toppling efforts which kncoked about 20 of them over....I was a bit tired!

    See you next year for sure

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Being unable through injury to run I thought it would be fun to take some photos of the day.

    Photographs of:

    1) The start
    2) The race pre-finish at c. 12.5 miles
    3) Pre-race and others

    are available now online at:


    Prints and high resolution data available.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Anyone know where the results will be posted, and when?
  • It was a very nice run, and although I 'won' I am disappointed not to have run the full 13.1 miles along with 3 others. It all went wrong when the first lady marshal at the top of the hill sent us wrong...she was sending a text message as we got to her! It meant we cut a mile out of the route, although we did add some on when we dithered through Cookham before rejoining at the 4 mile mark in a new work record time of 17 mins!

    And, I though I was in 2nd from Maidenhead to the end until I crossed the line to find out the leader had also gone wrong at Maidenhead bridge!!! So, I actually led it for 6 miles without knowing!

    As for the guy with the newspaper, I think he was simply slumped in his chair when I ran by.

    Still, these things take time and I am sure it will all be ok next year, this wouldn't have happened without the bad weather as it only went wrong in the new section of the course.
  • Very good run...A bit muddy....But really enjoyed it.
    Suki...It was amazing how you guessed that I was Viktoria....My time was 1hour 55 mins, not my PB but never mind.
    How did you do?

  • Suki
    And no stitch...;-)
  • Excellent run i thought.

    1:56 for my first attempt at a 1/2 marathon was great news, particualrly given the very slow progress up the hills in mile 1 and the muddy section towards the end that nearly had me on my backside on more than 1 occaision !!!

    Route was lovely & many thanks to the organisers for making such an effort to get it all going despite the weather disasters. :)

    Only 1 bit of feedback for me would be to make the finish line a bit more obvious - as I had no idea I had actually finished!!!
  • Well done Purple Patch for finding a way to let it all go ahead! That was fun, especially finding myself so close to the frontrunners for a couple of seconds when I followed the first 2 people who worked out we were starting to go the wrong way! Alas this was short lived! Other than that, great organisation & looking forward to next year - thanks to everyone involved.

    Also, thanks to Leapord for recording my agony :-)
  • Hi everyone!

    Sorry I haven't been on earlier, but I wanted to make sure the course was cleared promptly to make sure we didn't upset anyone! All now clean and tidy and you'd never know we were there ;-).

    Firstly, thanks very much for everyone's feedback - it has all been taken on board and we appreciate you taking the time - feedback is important to us as we want to get it right.

    Secondly, I am really glad that you enjoyed the race - it is a fantastic route and everyone seemed to love it. It was also great to meet some of you! Bit too hectic at the finish to chat much, but good to say hi!

    Re: the diversion that some of you took - obviously we are disappointed that this happened - it is the last thing that we would have wanted and we do apologise to those affected. As you all know, we did have some last-minute re-shuffling to do and unfortunately human error crept into it. We have learnt lessons and will be back next year (hopefully with the correct route!).

    Results will be posted up on the web very shortly - Chris is working on this as we speak....

    I will be signing off now - if anyone needs any info or anything, please do feel free to contact me by phone or email (on our website). It's been great chatting with you all and I'll see you next year perhaps!
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