New Balance 907

Just bought these and did a 3 hour run in them yesterday and they were great. I covered about 18-20 miles on canal towpaths and road, some of it in the pouring rain, and they were always comfortable with good grip, cushoning and support. Did get a small blister though, but that might be a sock or wet feet problem or just that they were too new to be out for 3 hours!

One slightly strange thing with New Balance is that I take a size 11 in these and a 10 1/2 in an Asics road shoe.


  • I just bought the same pair of shoes. I was a little apprehensive at first because I hadnt really heard much about. Anyhow, I thought they were great, they're light, very breathable and v comfy. I did get a blister but i think that was more down to my socks. The week after I bought them I saw a huge advertisement for them in RW and was chuffed to bits. worth every penny ....
  • i had a pair of the previous model (906) and had to give up on them due to blisters on my arches

    they're now in the bin and i've switched to Saucony's which seem to suit me better
  • Well, I've had the 907s a full two and a half months now and I'm as pleased with them as on day 1. Among the events run in them was the 22 mile fell run 'Man v. Horse' in Wales. No problems with blisters or anything else. Mind you, I covered my feet in Vaseline as a precaution.
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