• He's got a point hasnt he though ?

    Men and Motor Channel 24/7 for me now.

    None of this Grease/Joseph/Sound of Music/Celebrity pet training from now on....
  • ... and Dr Who has gone waft.
  • Ask him what he thinks about foreigners, and non-whites in particular.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Methinks Mr Moore is a tad miffed at being moved to the graveyard slot........
  • not sure i agree on this, im a real girly girl but i love top gear, boxing,but this is what sells now on t.v i dont think its got much to do with women
  • Patrick Moore is a patron of UKIP - I think that says it all
  • Leave Mooreo alone - the man's a legend.

    He talks shit of course, but if it weren't for 'im, no one would know nuffink about the stars and all that.

    Which, of course, we all do. (Cough)
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