Follow Physio Advice?

to cut a long tedious story short haev bascially been out of decent training for 5months with groin strain type injury.

physio said do 3 groin stretches 3 times a day hold them for 20secs then try a run in 10 days (now next monday)

Doing these stretches is making my groin strain ache more and mroe each day!
should i continue as per physio and try the run on monday, or stop and report back on next physio session...2 1/2 weeks away!


  • I would suggest you contact your physio and ask if the stretches should be causing you this pain. It may be that you are just over-stretching.
  • i suffered with groin strains for years as a lad from playing footy. physio strung me along for ages, finally decided he couldnt solve the problem, sent me to a specialist who within 2 mins found a double hernia! great! so all i would say is be careful!
  • Just posted a similar reply to another mail. but after 5 months of problems - including a groin problem, I gave up on physios (had tried 2) and saw an osteopath. One session of manipulation and I was back running in a few days. i really believe that if i had ditched the phyiso 3 months earlier i would have been running then.

    Try an osteopath?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    really jegsy?
    aren't osteopaths for bones and things?
    excuse my ignorance!!

    after all i am a clown who has managed to string a groin starin on for 4months+
  • No osteopaths are for muscles etc (they may do bones too- but that is me being ignorant too!). They do deep massage/and also manipulation. For me they were also the first specialist who actually looked at the whole body to try and determine what was causing the problems, as opposed to just treating the specific injury.

    Mine was able to free up very tight muscles and knots in my back- all of which were manifesting themselves in my legs (groin and hip/buttock area latterly ) . Apparently I have a weak sacro illial joint

    I get a reoccurence of a lower back pain every now anad again - but have only had to go back to the osteopath once to get a bit of serious treatment. the rest of the time- I now know that giving my thigh /bum area a good stretch will free up my back.

    It may be that I just found a really good guy- and other physios do the same sort of thing - but ostepopath worked for me.

    If you can get a local recommendation- and you dont feel your current guy is helping I would give it a go
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    ta jegsy, the woman i got via NHS sorted out an achilles thing a couple of years back and it was a very easy fix.
    I'm hoping this will turn out to be too...i had a tiny little 100m jog in work shoes and with no warming up yesterday and it just felt a bit tight, so maybe it's just really tight and needs loosenign by the stretching and running!

    time will tell and next appointment 2 fridays time!
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