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Hi Everyone
My running shoes are coming to the end of their life - and to be honest not sure if they're actually suited to my running style. This pair and the ones before where bought from proper running shops, with me running up and down the pavement.
Anyway, I've suffered all types of hip, knee and heel aches with them (GT2100 and Gel Kayano), and was wondering if video analysis can give a more definitive answer to running style. My other problem is that I've never run on a treadmill - does this matter?
And finally, hoping to go to either Birmingham Runner or Bournesports - any recommendations?

Sorry for waffle and many thanks


  • Runner's Need do a decent video gait analysis. Not sure if they have one in Brum though. Nice thing about them is they won't try to sell you the shoes they only have in stock. They video your feet, look at what you need and recommend a shoe - if they don't have it, they will try to order them in

    (no, I don't work for them, just have had two lots of friends who have received very good service from them)

  • Hi Cath
    Thanks for that - will do a quick google to see how close they are.

  • Hourglass - Don't know the shops in question, so can't comment as to whether they're any good.

    Have had the full analysis a few times - twice whilst I was living in London, where they sold me complete rubbish. I think they used the analysis as a gimmick rather than a useful tool.

    I now go to Runaround Sports in Worcester (not least 'cos we know the chap who runs it - occasional poster on here too, Jethro Boot). Sorted out all my injuries a treat - but mainly because they had a good look at my feet, a look at my old shoes, a look at my running style, etc...

    Wherever you go, it may be worth phoning ahead to tell them that you want a full analysis and why (explain your past problems) - not least to make sure the most qualified person will be available when you're going.

    Oh, and don't go at peak times - eg, end of the day, lunchtimes, weekends - if you can avoid it. You want their undivided attention. And a cup of tea and a biscuit. The latter may be a negotiation point.
  • ...and though it pains me to say it...

    what he said as well...!!!

    (Wicks wettie is on order!) :o))
  • Wickett
    Will give them a ring as I'm keen to get a pair that don't give me any (well, too much) grief. And if they're tea drinkers too.... so much the better.
  • Good luck, Hourglass. My usual fee for words of wisdom is a packet of Mint Matchmakers, but I'll overlook it this once...

    Cath - does this mean you're coming to swim the DGJOT with us, you triathawhore, you?! Su-poib!!
  • Don't worry I won't forget.
    Mmmmm Matchmakers!!! - healthy green stuff and iron rich choc in a portable stick.
  • Hourglass - I work in a running shop that offers gait analysis and it is certainly a good option if:

    a) You have just started running and are unsure of your running style

    b) You have bought shoes without advice e.g. off the internet and are having injury problems.

    What it does not offer is a miracle cure. The gait analysis is looking to see the degree of overpronation and suggesting shoes accordingly. The 2 Asics shoes you have mentioned both have good support to prevent overpronation and the Kayanos offer top of the range cushioning.

    If you are having injury problems and not doing excessively high mileage then I would suggest it may not necessarily be to do with the shoes. If you were a neutral runner running less than 40 miles a week then I don't see that either of the shoes you mention would give you a problem. The only problem would be if you were an extreme overpronator and need motion control shoes. I supinate on my right foot but ran in support shoes like the ones you mention for years without problems until my mileage hit more than 60 a week.

    Don't worry about not having run on a treadmill - we have lots of customers like that and are gentle with them! Good luck and I hope you get your problems sorted.

  • Hi cg
    I've been running for a couple of years now but under 20 miles a week. When I look a my feet when I run, I seem to land on the back outside of my heel but think I toe-off ok.
    I did go to a sports phys at the beginning of the year with a sore hip, and they thought that I had a muscle imbalance. Loads of exercises later (mostly for the piriformis) I'm fine now - so it could be that I'm just a bit of a wonky runner.
    Actually will prob be worth mentioning to the running shop when I go - best I get a list going.
    Many thanks.
  • all the advice seems to have been given,

    if all else fails and you can't get shake the problems then e-mail me and i can pass you the details of one of the best sports podiatrists in the UK [based in Sutton cloldfield]

    landing on the outside edge of the heel is perfectly is what you do next that causes the problems.
  • Cheers footman - will do.
  • I am having troubles with my lower legs, right were one would have chin splints. i think i am running a bit flatfooted but i suppose on gait analysis will tell me this?

    sometimes after the run the pain is so bad i can barely stand. then i'll be ok the next day (my day of rest) and then try running the day after and the pain returns.

    I ran last year (same shoes) with no problems. to begin with i did have chin splints but that went away. this year its a different type of pain.

    I live in essex (braintree), does anyone know where i might be able to get the analysis done? i dont want to have to go all the way into london. I'd rather drive.
  • I used to live near Stoke, and Bournesports was great to go to (best to avoid busy times & weekends). Mind you that was 20 years ago!!!!!
    However, I would never use them again for mail-order, and lots of others on here say similar.
    No experience at all about Birmingham Runner.
  • I had the video analysis done today and have come away with a super new pair of Asics trainers.

    It's going around the country at the moment:

    It's a truly fantastic piece of computer-whizziness!
  • If you have gait analysis to check which shoes you need make sure you get a proper check in your final choice.

    I went to Up & Running in Manchester. They said I needed a stability shoe and recomended a few. I picked the ones that felt most comfy (Saucony Hurricane) on the treadmill and that was it, no further analysis. Came out feeling I had done the right thing in getting my gait analysed, and paying top price for shoes, and then trained for a half mara with considerable knee pain.

    5 months later went to Foot Traffic in Bolton for a new pair and they showed me just how much the Hurricane's were NOT stopping me overpronating. Foot Traffic were superb. They spent time checking my gait with each new shoe until they found one that did the job. Came out with a pair of motion control shoes (Asics Gel Foundation) and they are superb, and not the most expnsive in the shop!. It was amazing though how much difference there was between a range of motion control shoes. Some did nothing, but the Foundations were spot on. My running style and speed since has improved and I am pain free. I can't believe how much difference they have made.

    Sorry for going on a bit, but its my current rant !

    Cheers, Mark
  • Mark,

    that story sounds so familiar, an analysis is no use to you unless you check the final selection, the software i use gives a selection of shoes which are most suitable, experience tells me which i feel will be the better last [shape] will work best and then we check me i do not get the best shoe out the store first time every time, but we do not let people leave the clinic if we do not feel what we are supplying is working as well as possible....

    if we do not have a suitable shoe i would rather send a client away to try other options than sell the wrong product.

    i've booked myself in for this as well.
  • Hi guys

    thanks for the info on the running analysis and shoe selection, I was going to book myself in with techtours but they only have 3 locations for the north east :(, all too far away.

    I am going to OnTheRun next week in wakefield to have it done, anyone used them before?
  • forgot to say this

    anyone fancy sponsoring me in a noble cause?
  • Interesting New Runner I went to Up & Running in Manachester when I was visiting my mum in January. I wanted to try out a pair of aerials but they didn't have any in my size and I came away with a pair of NB 857s. I've since sold these on ebay and I have a pair of aerials and a pair of Nirvana 3s. I've heard positive stuff about foot traffic.
  • I would certainly recommend Foot Traffic. Excellent service, couldn't be more helpful or patient. Will be going back again for my next pair.
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