Jane Slalom Pro Pushchair


Has anyone got or used a Jane Slalom pushchair for running with the babies/toddlers... I like the look and feel of it but just wondered if anyone out there has any first hand experience of using this pushchair for running?

Many Thanks



  • Ailith,
    Saw your earlier post re. running with baby too. RW did a review of baby strollers in the Feb '06 issue. The Jane Slalom wasn't listed, but there's some useful stuff there anyway.
    I'm also trying to work out what pushchair to buy - quite tempted by the BOB Ironman, as it gets rave reviews in that RW article. Has anyone tried it?
    Tess (DD is 15months)
  • Hi there

    Thanks for your reply... we are quite interested in the BOB sports utility stroller... but having test driven the Jane Slalom were also very impressed with that and it has adjustable handlebars... which for me being 5'2" is quite important... the BOB is a fixed height and the Jane is also lighter than the BOB...

    The BOB strollers are apparently going to be available in the UK from Summer (so anytime now I guess) and we will definitely go and test one before we decide... Will keep you posted.. and please let us know if you purchase yours soon..


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