Have just entered this stage of my life at 42 and am really suffering. Always suffered a bit of PMT but this is something else. Started having night sweats a few months ago but really didn't think much about it and with a few other symptoms went to doctor who confirmed hormonal changes. At the moment I find about 10 days before my period I feel so weepy, my boobs are sooooo sore, I must gain about 8lbs and look as though I am pregnant. Running is such hardwork. All my runs are nearly a minute and a half per mile slower and I feel as though there is no point. Doctor has suggested HRT but not sure I want to go down that path. Have started taking isoflavones and eating a very healthy diet. Has anybody else suffered the same kind of symptoms and what did you find that helped? Any thoughts appreciated.


  • hello happiness and big sympathies coming your way. There was a thread not so long ago about the joys of being an "older" woman and one fabulous forumite (sorry, forgot who - one of the other symptons - the brain goes!) recommended Dixarit - go see your doctor - these little blue pills are the biz for stopping the sweats & or flushes.
  • You have my sympathy happiness. I asked my doc same question. PMT is horrendous now. Doc says I'm too young (it was my 43rd birthday when I saw her) and thinks instead that I'm suffering from depression. I don't have the night sweats though, just very sleepless nights. Did your doc do a blood test? 42 is quite young although not unheard of I suppose.

    I hate the thought of getting old.

    Look after yourself anyway.
  • Hi, i know how you feel. The sore boobs, im crying at anything and i feel so angry at everyone its awful. Training is my saviour but has been a problem lately. Little niggles and sweating loads more. I was on HRT for two months but i didnt get on with them myself. I am looking on this site at the mo because for some reason im having sudden cramps in my calf this happened last night in training. so i was hopping and sweating like a mad women. Im looking a diet so maybe that will help.
  • At least I know I'm not alone!

    Minty4 - Doc did every blood test going! All perfectly normal except hormones which showed menopause was underway. Not really a surprise to me as mum started hers at 38 as did her sister. My mum suffered really bad with depression when she was going through hers. Have you asked your doc for a blood test? Have to say mine was brilliant and tested for everything. Also sent me for a bone scan which has come back normal.

    JJ4 - That sounds like me! It is awful. Feelings that you don't really feel but they are there. I went to bed happy the other night. Woke up in the morning and just wanted to cry for no reason!! I keep making myselt run too but at times it really is hard work. Do you sweat excessively? Maybe that could be contributing to the cramps in your calf if you are losing extra minerals that aren't being replaced.
  • Hello Happiness and you have my sympathies.

    I managed to sail through the menopause 4 years ago by taking sage tincture (especially good for sweats and flushes), evening primrose capsules, Menopace, osteocare (for bones and joints) and black cohosh. I know it's a lot to take, but some are recommended up to 3 times a day but only took one dose, at night. If you don't want to take all of them then definitely try the sage for the sweats. Tastes foul but worth it.

    Don't know how long you've been running for but at that time I was exercising twice a day weekdays, running and aerobics/gym with a longer run at weekends. I definitely felt that the exercising helped so keep at it.
  • Thanks Lyndylou. Am interested in the sage tincture. Where did you get it from?
  • Hi happiness,
    Yes i have found that im sweatin loads more than normal both when im training and in normal life. I had to get up this morning as i was soaking!!! this is just not me. The funny thing is i mentioned this thread to some girls in work and one was amazed at the calf cramps as she said she to has been having these since she started the sweats and she was at a loss as to what causes them. I will take on board what you said about the loss of minerals there could be something in that. Im resting from running till monday but i may try the flight socks that was mention on the web site i did use the elastic bandage yesterday on my calf and that eased the cramp. The mood swings i find the worse though. I feel like a stroppy teenager again!!!!!!!!
  • I had a load of blood tests too but they weren't checking hormones. They called me back because I was anaemic and that's when I sat and cried and got diagnosed with depression. I have to have another blood test soon so I'll ask if they can check hormones at the same time. It's worth knowing I guess and then I can take some positive steps to alleviate the symptoms.

    Jayne, I know what you mean about stroppy teenager. I seem to just 'lose it'. It's really quite embarrassing and not a good role model to my 11 year old ... who's pre-pubescant and looking for any excuse to behave badly.
  • I have had hormone tests!!! i have thyroid problems and i am anaemic. I do get low about the mood swings its like you now what your doing and saying but just cant stop yourself. It makes me feel so bad. Have you tried St Johns Wort? This is a herbal tablet that takes a month to kick in but is quite good. The training is the only thing that keeps me sane it wears me out so i get less chance of being depressed or resembling a mad women.
  • Minty4 - I think it's nice to know, other than just wondering. Doc has told me to have another one done next month as things have definitely got worse recently. I'm still looking at alternatives to HRT though and will let you know if I have any success.

    jayne - I agree, the moods really get to me too. You really don't have any control over them. Much more understanding of my children now. I had forgotten how bad it was to be a teenager!!
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