hi all
i'm a newbie looking for some new shoes.
my asics are fine at the moment, but when i bought them it was because i liked the look of them (fashion eh !)
luckily they are ok for me i think.
can anybody advise me on a good running shop in my town ?
there used to be a "ron hill" shop, has it moved ?




  • Ste, you could try Tobbutt Sports on Blackburn Road (opposite Asda). Dougie Tobbutt has run loads of marathons, so really knows his stuff.

    Sweatshop in Chorley have a wide range of running shoes (most makes).
  • I haven't been to Bolton for a few years so can't help you there I'm afraid but if you travel over to Chorley you might want to look up On The Run on Harpers Lane which has a good selection and friendly staff.

    Good hunting.
  • Ta, i'll have drive to "Tobbutt's" on saturday.


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