Mysterious calf muscle problem

Can anyone advise? I have developed out of apparently nowhere, a numb feeling right calf. It doesn't hurt particularly, just feels numb some of the time, and a bit tight and swollen. I've not been doing any stupid mileage (not more than 15 per week) and should have tough calf muscles owing to cycling to work for the last 3 years. I've been not running on it for most of a week and it's not making any major improvement. Might be off to the physio v soon - I should be doing marathon training!
All advice gratefully received.


  • I'd say time for a physio

    Can you tie the numb feeling to any pattern (e.g. after a cycle, or after sitting for a time)...or is it random? No idea what it is, but finding a pattern might help the physio solve the puzzle.

    Good luck!
  • Not so far - it's a new problem. All I can think of is a slight pain in the calf muscle at the end of a 3 mile run last week, but that didn't feel particularly earth-shattering - the kind of pain that should go away after a day or so's rest. Anyway, it doesn't hurt - just doesn't feel right. Think you're right - physio here I come ...
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