I did a spin class today and I swear that I sweated as much as the rest of the class put together.

The ladies in particular never seem to let a drop fall whereas the floor under my bike was swimming in it.

I am not particularly fat: I am reasonably fit.

Does a lot of sweating signify anything at all?


  • were all the ladies secretly covered in "tenor lady"?

    according to the adverts it helps to secure any unwanted leakage.

  • Wouldn't worry about it JB - I think it's down to personal metabolism/physical make up etc... Also a lot depends on how much exertion you put in compared to others... I used to do exercise classes at our gym and would finish with sweat dripping (no, pouring down from myself) compared to all the girls - then one day I decided to watch and see why that was - seems if an aerobics class called to kick your leg, I kicked and kicked hard and when I stopped to watch everyone else they were just lifting their leg up and down...
    I think it's an efficient metabolism too (personally, I know others would disagree with me) since more sweat = higher efficiency at cooling down body heat.
    I tend to be very hot blooded and am always the one wearing a t-shirt in winter cos I'm just too warm.. so prob need more sweat to cool down - maybe you're like that too?
  • JB: I sweat in a spin class and I know what you mean with some peeps looking totally unphased and its not cos they're ridiculously fit, its cos they often dont work very hard. I mean most people just get on with their own workout but have a look some time and check if they really use/increase their resistance or how fast they pedal and that usually explains the lack of perspiration.

    Obviously some peeps naturally sweat more than others. A female mate of mine regularly leaves a puddle under her bike and no, she's not incontinent!!
  • I sweat like the proverbial ... what is it? Horse? Anyway, I sweat SOOOOO much it's ridiculous. And I'm a LADY. Well I'm female at least. Girls never really seem to sweat that much tis true. I agree with CRB that it just means I am FIT (in the traditional sense). However I am usually cold in day to day life. Always the one still wearing two jumpers in June etc. OOOO what can it all mean?
  • i like sweaty men...... signs of a real man!
  • JB, I not only sweat buckets but I go a rather delightful shade of crimson. My friends find it rather strange that I laugh hysterically when they say the gym must be a good place to go to meet men! Yeah, cos a crimson-faced, sweaty middle aged bird is really going to be your first choice!!! ;oP
  • One of the ladies today looked quite ill by the end of the class.

    I did spin at a health spa once and one of the guys had to stop because he couldn't breath.

    Spin is not for sissies and that's for sure.

    Not having any natural ventilation doesn't help - they have little fans on the treadmills.

    Its very difficult to gauge how much work people do on the bikes although I always assume (right or wrong) that the ones pedalling like billy-o have a low resistance setting, which means they are probably not working that hard!

    Thanks anyway - was wondering if it was sign of some sort of medical condition.

    But no, I am just a sweaty git!
  • When I come out of the gym, I look in a right state. I sweat so much and I look at other people who leave the gym looking the same as when they entered.
  • Chief Running Bear
    How do you define greater efficiency at cooling down the body.
    If you sweat excessively, you dehydrate quickly and as you dehydrate, you overheat!
    Doesn't sound very efficient to me!
  • I teach spin and although I must be the fittest in the class my bike is bathed in much more sweat than anyone elses.

    As the others say - some people really take it easy in a class and others push themselves hard. Its really up to the individual. I wouldnt worry about sweating too much.
  • Me too, I sweat buckets in general, especially on the treadmill where little pools gather when i stop. I assume it's genetic thing and that - on an up note i must be offloading more toxins or whatever than other people. There are a lot of slackers in my gym also!
  • Sweating has been a probelm for me. I have poor eyesight, but because I sweat so much sports glasses just slip down my face. I've had to get into contact lenses - brilliant!

    I tend to try and push myself quite hard - I can't see the point of exercise unless you're going to push it.

    I don't mind sweating when I'm running or in the gym, but I sweat heavily at any time.
  • Centurion - my point was that since sweating is the body's response to heat - and is there to cool it down, then the body must be heating up quite a lot (hence converting energy - using calories - to a higher than normal extent) and so the body is producing a high amount of sweat to cope with it. My opinion only.

    Or we're just sweaty gits :-)

    anyway it's a debate that could rage on with no clear facts to finish it...
  • I have sweated loads since I was a kid and I have noticed that my nephew (now 7 years old)does too. I think it is partly genetic but I know I work hard in all of my workouts.
    I also do spinning and I must admit it can be a little embarrassing how much water you I can muster up but the truth is that I know that I am fit. I am actually quite proud of my sweating. At least I look like I've put some effort into it!
    I see the looks on some people's faces when I'm working out in the gym, especially men - they don't like the fact that I look like I'm doing a better workout than them!
    I've had a few people ask me advice because I look pretty hardcore after 5 mins in the gym (as I'm sweating so much).

    Kazzaaaaah!, some men are well impressed with women who push themselves hard (I certainly am with men!), they now that you don't look like that usually! The best ones are thinking about you - trust...
  • I did spin again last night.

    I can honestly say I came out looking like it had been p'ing down - what a state.

    Dried on sweat isn't a great feeling.

    But.... I lurve spin classes - great when you can't be ar*ed to do a tough workout, because they really motivate you to do it anyway.
  • I may be being very thick, but what are Spin Classes? Never heard of them. Should I try them?
  • Indoor cycling. Very good workout for your heart and lungs without the impact of running. I love them !
  • Thanks - sounds similar to Cardio Cycling that we have down here.
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