The Fat Club - Monday

Hi all,
Don't know what's happening this today, but this is the third time I've tried to start a thread for the Fat Club and it's not appeared on the forum.. where are they all going... floating around in cyberspace somewhere? Anyway, weighed myself this morning and haven't lost anything, but haven't gained either, so all is not lost! I thought I might have put on a pound or two, judging by what I ate last week, but no.. so I'm pleased about that.

Keep thinking about Cath... hope everything is going well for her in hospital and the op. has been a complete success.

Redhead - how are you?

Best wishes all..
Michelle x
Lost this week - 0
Lost in all - 4lbs
Still to lose - 7lbs


  • Have not bothered with a weigh in this week because my weight takes a couple of days to stabilise after a hard race in hot weather and yesterdays Tri was both hard and hot– probably due to dehydration

  • Crikey, all a bit quiet today!

    Thanks for asking Michelle. You seem to be holding your own. Some weeks are like that aren't they? Not weighing myself this week as I'm a bit anxious awaiting results from a follow-up exam following abnormal smear/colposcopy/cone biopsy/repeat exam etc. I always binge eat when stressed and have been true to form this week so don't want to get on the scales!

    How did everyone get on at the Flora Light challenge (RM and Michelle)?

  • Hi everyone
    Finally got below the (for me) magic figure of 15 stone - I'm now 14 st 13 lb, meaning that I've managed to lose 13lb since about the 10th July. This is a bit too fast I know, but it still feels good and reassures me that my 25 - 30 miles per week is worthwhile.

    13 stone is my medium term target - another six months I guess...
  • Weighed myself yesterday. Down to 7st 12lb, but that was after a set of treadmill intervals, it was 5.30pm, lunch had been a fairly small thing and breakfast, although substantial, was long since digested.

    Good excuse to have two chicken breasts instead of one (daring or what?) with my spaghetti and veg later (I know spaghetti is the wrong shape of pasta to have with chicken, but I was making it for the kids to have with their meatballs and couldn't be bothered putting on an extra pan - making the meatballs was quite enough cooking for me) and a proper solid pud that didn't have Muller anywhere on the label.

    Pounds lost so far: 11

    Pounds to go: 5. It's in print - a 5'1" woman's best running weight is likely to be 7st 7lb, give or take a few, so bye-bye boobs.

  • Hey Glenn, you're heading in the right direction. It's great when you break through a barrier like that isn't it.

    V-rap, 7st 12lbs was my weight when I met my husband 15 years ago. I'm 5'4" and can't imagine getting down there again! It was soooo much easier when I was younger. Do you know what would be an ideal running weight for someone my height? Hope you had a great holiday.
  • Hi Everyone. Been to physio and I've got ITB due to bad biomechanics. However, there is no way I am giving up running now, especially with GNR on the horizon. So after a week of resting I'm now going to keep it up in the gym, do my exercises and stretching and do lots of swimming miles instead of running miles. Weight loss was not recorded this Sunday, as scales are in gym. However, have been trying to be good, and don't feel too bad.

    V-rap, good to have you back, flamin' heck, 7 and half stone. What are use 5' 9"ers supposed to be. If I was much less that 11 stone I'd look like a stick insect.

    Well done Glenn. Its just great when you go thorough stone barrier. I reckon you deserve a treat of new running kit!
  • Redhead, having been in your situation, binge away, be nice to yourself for a few days, run a few extra miles after your results.
  • new to this thread - I like the idea.. I am waaaaaaay over my goal weight (hence the name) so I set out my stall

    weight loss: 0 (I just started!)
    weight to go by christmas... 20lb...


    PS WildWill.. any suggestions on how to "get into" tri? do you know where I can get training schedules etc?
  • There are various formulas for weight-for-height for runners, but the easiest to work with (borrowed from The Competitive Runner's Handbook, but also available in one of the articles on Peak Performance Online) is:

    If you're a 5'6" WOMAN (it's different for men) you should be 120 pounds.

    For each inch TALLER than 5'6", add 3 pounds. For each inch SHORTER than 5'6", subtract 3 pounds.

    That makes Redhead's ideal running weight 114 pounds (8 stone 2) and She's ideal running weight 129 pounds (nine stone 3)!

    BUT these are AVERAGES and you've got the build you've got, to some extent. Your own best running weight may be 10% above those figures. Or, scarily, 10% below (6 stone 9.5 - nope, velociraptors don't go there, I passed that weight somewhere around my 13th birthday). Seb Coe's peak running weight was 20% below the average ideal weight for a runner of his height.

    And there's no obligation to aim for these sorts of weights if you're happy with the way you run at a more realistic size. You're doing yourself a lot of good just by exercising, even if your weight doesn't budge.

    Redhead, you've got a good excuse. Uncertainty is one of the worst things where your health is concerned. I'd say forget 8 stone 2 and enjoy the therapeutic effects of chocolate.
  • Thanks V-rap. I think I'll stick with the healthy but chubby running school of thought. Plus I do want to have some curves! Nine stone 3, my god, I can't remember ever being that weight.
  • Hi all,
    Well done to those of you losing weight/staying the same - and if you haven't lost any weight this week - don't worry.. as Redhead says, some weeks are like that, the important thing is, not to beat yourself up over it.. after all, we're trying aren't we!!! That's more than some people. V-Rap - I'm only little too - 5'0 and when I met my husband, I was 6st12lbs! (and no, I wasn't a child, but 25 years old!. The thing with weight is, what sounds tiny to some people, is actually the right weight for others.. obviously if you were 5'6" and weighed 7st or something, that would be horrendously thin, but when you're only a little 'un, it feels right and doesn't look thin at all.. just normal.. am I right V-rap..?
    Redhead - Flora Light was a bit of a disaster for me - really bad time - 28.48, but I was stuck in the middle of 20,000 women, many of those in front of me were walkers/pram pushers!!! So, had to keep stopping.. You can read about everyone else's views on 'Events'. Anyway, going to have dinner now - pasta..
    Take care all...
    Michelle x
  • The curve thing is a serious problem - look at any field of elite female distance runners! And you can be pretty sure that at least half of them are either amenorrhoeic or are only having periods because they're taking the Pill or HRT.
  • Now that really is scary. Don't old female runners have a terrible time when they stop competing at that level? It can't be good for their health in the long term.
  • Dunno, Michelle. Some people look great at the skinny end of the weight-for-height curve. And some don't. I'm in the latter category. At under 8 stone and training, I feel very well, move fast (for me), but look like a bag of bones and struggle to produce anything that would pass for a menstrual cycle (though the hormones must be there because all but one of my sprats were conceived effortlessly at that sort of weight). I like what I see in the mirror best when I'm about 8 stone 7.

    Your Flora Light time is fine. Well done! It's not the sort of event where you're ever going to get a PB, but well done for emerging with a time that indicates that you weren't forced to do the whole thing at walking pace.
  • Crossed lines - sorry!

    She, women probably haven't been permitted to compete in distance events for long enough for us to know what impact such training will have in terms of things like osteoporosis in the future, and in the 60s and 70s the training schedules tended to be more relaxed than they are today - more miles overall, perhaps, but a lot less cross-training and fancy stuff, and less rigorous dietary fat restriction. Time will tell. Certainly, a lot of elites have managed to go forth and multiply!

    But overall, amenorrhoea induced by low body fat levels is a Bad Thing for the bones, and weightbearing exercise does not entirely compensate. What bothers me is that the evidence suggests that the only solution is to eat more, and at a fairly modest mileage (under 40) I need to eat a ridiculous amount anyway just to avoid falling down.
  • Thanks V-Rap. Got my first 10K on 6th October, so whatever time I do, will be a PB! I feel best when I'm about 7st (which I haven't been for a while now...!). I know that sounds thin, but I don't look scrawny at that weight. Even when I was 6st 12lbs, I never missed one month of my cycle, so obviously my body is still functioning perfectly normal when it's at the lower end of my weight-range, although I could never hope to be 6st 12lb again!! As I get older, I find it becomes harder and harder to maintain my weight, but I s'pose that's middle aged spread for you!! And you can't get too wrapped up in the whole weight loss thing, as it can become obsessive can't it.. Right, gonna cook my pasta now!!
    Michelle x
  • Bouncer

    Have a look at 220 magazine (a triathlon mag) or its web site where you will find a search engine – another good source is

    Good luck – but be warned its addictive ;o)

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