Rubery 'Crumble' 5

If its anything like the old Rubery MT 10K this will be tough!


  • and thats supposed to encorage us
  • For the elite, in the zone, pb cracking athlete that you are , this should be a walk in the park!

    ..I've entered it anyway :)
  • i appear to have a mara the day before;)))))))))

    off road too
  • er, are you sure who you are talking to?
  • think of it as a recovery run then :)
  • This must be a similar race eh, AA? They've moved it from the Weds night, and made it shorter.

    Yes, tough indeed! I like it. Hopefully I'll be there (though have a feeling it clashes with my little 'un's judo grading)
  • you should do the 10 mile option!
  • Oooh yeah! If I'm there I'll do the 10. Much prefer longer (better value for money!)

    If it's like the old Weds night one, hillswise - I reckon it'll take about as long as a half!! Will be harder than the Stourbridge Stagger 10.
  • Am very tempted by the this one! But with Aldridge the week before, and race for life 4 days afterwards?? Might have to make a last minute decision.
  • Juicer, did you really make that first statement??????????????
  • Oops - should be careful what I say with people like you around WL :-)
  • What a brilliant event!

    Fantastic, friendly, scenic and very challenging.

    Roll on next year!

    First class!

    ...and Runners World were there taking pics and interviewing people so maybe it'll be in a future issue!

  • Did the Rumble!

    And it was simply brilliant :o)

    SOOOOOOO glad we decided to do this at the last minute!

    Good too see you anthony :o)
  • Sounds like it was great! AA - has been texting, voice-mailing and posting on NLRISP raving about it.

    I did Arden 9, which was very scenic and thoroughly enjoyed, but wouldn't do it again with something like this on offer! I'll come and do the 10. Have similar taste to Juicer! :-)
  • Thought the race was good but got really confused at the 5 mile marker (only doing 5) and the next marshall didn't tell me that I shoudl have carried on to the football pitch. Will be better prepared next year!
    Does the lady with plaits read this forum? If so were you on for 10 or the 5? I was a bit concerned that you dissapeared (I had the orange jacket on).
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