Southend 10K

Hi all,
Is anyone planning to run the Southend (Essex) 10K on 6th October? I'm going to and it'll be my first 10K so I'm really looking forward to it - no PB to set.. just want to get round, without stopping! I wondered if anyone else was doing it or had done it before? I'd be interested to have any views on it..
Michelle x


  • Hi, I ran the Southend 10K year-before-last and am planning to run it this year, along with most of my club-mates. It's a good, flat run for your first 10K and nice to be running by the sea but ... it can be a little bit boring as you can see where you're going most of the time! Good luck.
  • Hi, I'm doing the Southend 10K (first ever 10K) this year and am a bit nervous, - would be great to do it around the hour mark but just hope I don't get a 'bad run day'! but looking forward to the challenge. My running can be a bit up and down - sometimes I feel I could run forever and other days I can't manage more than 20 mins stints. Just hope I'm not last, but have checked last year's finishing times and there were finishers up to about 1.5 hrs I think.
    Good luck
  • Hi Vanessa & Sezza,
    Thanks for your replies. I'm now doing another 10K this Sunday - the Hadleigh 10K. I've not entered, but you can enter on the day - just got to get there half hour before the start time to register. I'm like you Sezza - some days I go out and feel fantastic and then other days, I get to the top of the road and feel just terrible - weird isn't it!! Let's hope Sunday will be a good day..!! I'll let you know!!
    Michelle x
  • Hi Michelle,

    Just wondered about this 10km you are running this weekend in Hadleigh, where is this? There is a Hadleigh near me between Ipswich and Sudbury, but I didnt know anything about a race this weekend, if its the same one I could be interested too.........
  • Michelle
    Best of luck for Sunday!! Let us know how you get on. Hadleigh (if its the one in Essex/Suffolk) is near to me too but I can't make Sunday due to lack of childcare!
  • Nattynoodle / Sezza,

    I'm pretty sure this weekend's Hadleigh run is in south Essex, whereas Hadleigh in Suffolk is hosting a 10 mile event in November, if my memory serves me correct from the flyer that was placed on my car whilst participating in the Framlingham fun-run last Sunday.

    (I should add that the fun run was my first ever race of any sort, as I didn't consider myself to be quite up to completing a full 10K, but i'll get there...)

    Best regards,
  • Hi Tractor,

    Thanks, yes I have been searching around and it seems to be somewhere called Thundersley, so was just looking for confirmation from someone, I wouldnt have wanted to miss a race that was within 8 miles! But as its not near me then thats ok.

    Yes I have entered the Hadleigh 10 in November, a nice hilly course, to say the least!!

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hi all,
    Yes Nattynoodle, the Hadleigh one is the one in Essex - about 10 miles from Southend. I'll let you know how I get on.. just want to get round without stopping!!!
    Michelle x
  • Hi Michelle, have a good race and definitely let us know how you get on.
  • Castle Point 10k is a 2lap course-don't be dragged along by the 5k runners.
    Best of luck
    Terry -BRC
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