Tips for running in the rain

I'm not keen on running in the rain, if its raining before I go out I probably wont go, but if it starts whilst I am out it doesn't really bother me that much...weird hey

But anyway, I just run in my normal shorts Tee and top, but get soaked, tried with a lightweight waterproof, but you sweat more and actually end up wetter on the inside than out...urrrghhh

And Also I wear glasses, eyes allergic to contacts and am not allowed to wear them, so glasses and rain don't go together...

Any tips on gear, inspiration and if you enjoy the rain when your running ?


  • Get out there and do it you big jessie.

    If its sunny you come back sweaty anyway ?

    Just normal tee and shorts is best. Maybe a tecchy cap with peak to keep the rain off your glasses.

    And you really dont notice the rain after a bit.
  • HE HE HE.....thanks, love the tip...

    'Get out there and do it you big jessie'


    Yes will have to dig out a peak cap, great idea, never thought of that...will try it.

  • I quite like running in the rain actually. Keeps me cool. And no after a bit you dont notice do you. To coin a Yorkshire phrase "you can only get wet once". And of course there are no chavs hanging around to abuse you :-)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I just wear normal kit - I only use my rain jacket if it's windy.

    Once you are wet, you can't get any wetter, and it keeps you nice and cool.

    I love the rain.

    Just as well, really, living in Scottieland. :o)
  • True also...much less oiks throwing paper towels at you...

    a peaceful run...hmmm sounds better and better.
  • Blimey Nessie, must be a nightmare in the summer...all wet windy and those nasty Midges gota be the toughest on the planet you scotts...not like us sasanaks
  • Stoxy - "you can only get wet once". I've never heard that phrase, especially from my female friends as you can imagine.
  • Oh dear coops;-)
  • I just wear normal kit and have just invested a water/windproof jacket which has already been mentioned seems to be more useful when it is windy. Although I guess if I was going on a long run in the rain might be worthwhile wearing the waterproof jacket rather get my T-shirt soaked.

    Like the idea of a cap though.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Running in the rain is lovely. There must be a lot of fair-weather runners round my way though. If it's wet and miserable Greenwich Park is really peaceful. And as a bonus, virtually dog-free. Hurrah!
  • I love running in the rain... although only really warm spring and summer rain... i'm allergic to winter.

    I tend to wear as little as possible when running, so if go out in running shorts and vest normally.. I like the Gore Running range best. I never wear a jacket.. but I never wear a jacket in winter either.. make us tough up north don't u know.. although now i've moved south maybe I'll adapt to the softie ways!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    go run
    get wet
    go home
    get kit off
    have shower
    dry off
    carry on with life
  • I wasn't going to go out tonight because it's raiing here, but you've convinced me. Thanks.
  • I live in Manchester so ignor everyone else - they don't know what rain is.

    - Running in rain is great as there are no midges, less dogs, less chavs, more moisture to inhale (great for asthmatics like me)

    - Wear your normal trainers (bung them on radiotor to dry after run) normal running / thinck socks, aterproof tracksters/bikesters from Ron Hill, or just weat shorts like me.

    - A nice synthetic t shirt is best with a rainproof running jacket if you want.

    - Eyes - I don't wear my glasses or lenses in rain but if you can't run without some sort of lens then the cap idea is brilliant. Otherwise get one of those elastic things to keep your glasses on - you'll need to keep wiping your eyes regurly but thats not the end of the world.

    Running inn the rain is great - the wetter the better imho.

    I can sum all this advice up in one word - ENOY.
  • I hate it, but can bare it for training runs less than an hour.

    over that and constant rain gets you down - to miserable for long slow runs.

    so my tip would be if its raining keep the run short and fast (so you dont get cold) and reschedule if you where due a long run.
  • If you carry a mobile phone then put it inside something waterproof like a zip food bag to protect it or you might need to go buy a new one like I have to:(
  • You can get splashproof covers for them at Decathlon for about £3.

    Alternatively I have pockets in my bottle belt for it which I sometimes use.
  • I bought a mobile that is waterproof (to a certain extent)...after the rain soaked through my rucksack and drowned my last one.
  • I can't say I adore running in heavy rain - light rain is okay but more than that I find to be sub-optimal. I do wear a jacket, but I'm also a Jesse!

    As for your glasses steaming up, get yerself down to a motorbike shop and ask for either the spray-on or peely-off-sticking-on mist-free stuff. You might want to rethink the exact phrase you use, or oiks throwing things at you would be the least of yer worries. But it works well. If i remember what it's properly called, I'll repost...
  • Best runs for me are when its raining,it keeps you cool and i personally find it more enjoyable/comfortable when its wet.

    Living in scotland rain is never far away... i think it makes the runs i do more interesting.... race days or leading up to a race, i always secretly pray to myself for rain... as i have set most of my best times in wet races.

    I remember going out on new years day in a force ten gale,it was pissing down with rain,which turned to snow half way round my run!

    My wife thought (and still does) I was mad when i got back with a huge grin on my face declaring..... its a grand day for a run!!!!

    Did the Lochness marathon last year and apart from the first 6 miles,it rained constantly for the rest of the race.... and i loved it.

    Just got to watch you don't get too cold after you finish, you do cool down pretty quickly,oh and the warm shower once your finished cannot be beaten!

  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭
    Don't run in the rain after dark if you wear glasses, unless your hat keeps the lenses perfectly dry.

  • Running in the rain is fine unless its really cold and windy and you have already run 20 miles. You could start to suffer from hypothermia then.

    My problem is getting out of the door when its raining outside.

    Solution if rain is forecast is to get out while its still fine so that you have got a sweat on before the first drops hit you.

  • Yesterdays run had me up ontop of the downs again, and the wind was blowing the rain horizontally...

    beginning of the run was ok, seemed like light rain, as suggested the cap thing worked well to keep the worst of it off my glasses.

    But as I climbed more and the protection from tree's and buildings were gone, the wind and rain howled, I was sodden after 30mins in this and found the cap couldn't stop the horizontal rain, couldn't see a thing, clothes felt heavy on my skin...

    On return I got straight in a hot shower and what a lovely shower that was...

    Still prefer running in the dry...

    Typical its lovely this morning
  • CC - what sort of teeshirt do you use? Its best to avoid cotton, it jsut soaks up the water. There are plenty of synthetic tops you can get that don't hold the water.
  • I run in my old Deasal yes spelt that way shorts I bought in India, a Cancer research bright blue t-shirt as supplied when I did the 10K cancer runs last year, these are cotton...

    Omni 5 shoes with proper ankle sock for running and a Nike copy cap again from the india trip 5 years ago...

    hmmm a picture springs to mind of a raggy scruff bag and you would be right
  • I'm not surprised your clothes felt heavy!

    buy some new things that are not cotton for running in the rain. It will be well worth the money
  • this is what my wife keeps telling me, buy some new running clothes...but I dont like tight fitting lycra type stuff I look like a potato shrink wrapped...
  • Get a running t shirt from Decathlon for £3.99 and then tell me that running in the rain isn't blissfull stimulation.
  • Prefer to run in the dry, but I can honestly say I've never missed a run because it's raining.

    Light rain, I'll just wear my normal kit and, if I remember, a cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. If it's heavy rain I do wear a breathable jacket which I don't find too bad sweat-wise.

    Did a 13 miler a few weeks back in torrential rain. Kitted up in cap and jacket, I felt fine, although my trainers were passed their best after I'd sploshed through puddles and mud along the tow path - Luckily I was due a new pair.

  • get a waterproof gillet like this one then you don't overheat but have the benefit of some protection from the elements. always wear a cap in the rain.
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