Do you wear pants????

Have been running for many years, always worn lycra & pants!

A new running mate of mine recently asked me if runners wear pants, in addition to their shorts. It got me thinking, do runners wear pants? Is that where I have been going wrong all these years. Could lose vital milliseconds off a 10k, with less weight to carry?

What ya think?


  • I do outside
    but not in the gym


    my speed aint an issue-terminally ploddin
  • tried it without underwear, but chaffing due to excess motion became a problem on LSR. I need something that hugs to stop motion below the belt. Forget the milliseconds on 10k, not worth raw balls, bluntly.
  • Ivan

    I believe the medical profession recommend it for gentlemen, especially in hot weather to prevent excessive jangulation.

  • yip -dirty out the night before's:O)
  • commando
  • I just couldn't go out without my pants! Ever!
  • I wear my pants outside my tights, :0)))))
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Shorts with liner.

    '+ Vaseline' for the marathon.

  • Strange but when running in lycra always wear pants, but when cycling never wear pants under the shorts.

  • No you don't KK, not in Mexico at least!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    depends on which lycras - some have seams which prevent commando; others are fine..........tri kit is always commando as that's the way it's designed to be worn
  • Commando.

    It amuses me that Im running past loads of people with no pants on. Im a woman of simple pleasures obviously.
  • I assume you are referring to wearing lycra shorts.

    I never wear them. I just wear "proper" running shorts with the inner bits in them.

    Do runners who do wear pants wear technical ones? It's always seemed a bit pointless to me to wear all this wicking gear, and then wear normal pants round one of the sweatiest, chaffiest bits. The liners in my shorts are always breatheable.
  • To quote my mother, "Never, ever go out the house without clean underwear on - you might be hit by a bus."

    I think that answers your question.
  • I think if I got hit by a bus my underwear wouldnt stay clean for very long anyway ;-)
  • Commando - and well greased with "brave soldier" for longer plods :-)

    Apparetnly M&S are doing some good wicking pants for guys. not seen them tho.
  • I must remember not to lend my vaseline to male runners anymore..........
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    fb - do tri-gear shorts differ an awful lot from cycling shorts with padding? I'm thinking of doing a duathlon and started wondering about my choice of botty-wear. Cheers.
  • "With or without pants"

    Is that what Bono ponders every morning?
  • Gotta wear pants - smoothes out the lumps &bumps :)
  • Am I one of the few girls who worries about the visual effect of intimate tight lycra if no pants worn?
  • Visual effect-LOL!

  • Also if yer lax on the bikini line trimming, hairs do spike through lycra - soooo not a good look :)
  • HUGE pants.
    The bigger the better.
    Bigger than my shorts preferably.

    Ahhhh, the security of a good pair of 'Bridgits'.
  • The trouble with huge pants is that bottoms like to eat them whilst on a run lol
  • Exactly. Wedgies happy pumpkin. Nowt worse than seeing a woman picking her pants out of her, erm, @rse.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    philpub - trishorts only differ from normal cycling shorts in the amount of padding they have which makes them more comfy to run in......and the padding also dries quicker when you do a tri swim in them...........
  • Commando

    Geves - I think the visual effects are the least of my worries - with a bright red face, disastrous hair and sweat flying everywhere I think a camel-toe is the last thing anyone would notice!
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